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What are the implications for American politics from the increasing diversity of the American population? Why does increasing diversity matter?


Research "balkanization."  That is one of the major political implications from increasing diversity.  As the United States continues to encourage legal immigration from certain nations while restricting immigration from others while turning a blind eye to mass illegal immigration the population of America is changing. The change is not from the fact that people are arriving from different backgrounds.  The change is the fact that many immigrants are not assimilating into American culture.  Many believe that they can maintain their original identity as a "hyphenated American" and not contribute to what has made America great.  A shared and supported vision of a strong and free America with opportunity for all Citizens should be the desired goal.  The problem with progressive diversity is that it does not strengthen.  There is no one thing "diverse" in the universe that is strong.  America is strong because her Citizens believe in America.  It is a shared common belief.  A belief that in America you have the ability to pursue economic, and religious freedom, for example.  A common belief can be shared by people from different races, creeds, ethnicities, etc.  If a diverse population has diverse beliefs as a result of refusal to assimilate to the majority morals, mores, and culture then there will be balkanization.  Research the diversity levels in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  You will see that there are many nations, some powerful like China, that do not subscribe to encouraging progressive diversity like many leaders are encouraging in America.  Through research you will find that many nations are intolerant of diversity and work to destroy it.  Research lack of religious diversity in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  Why is that? I think you will come to some interesting conclusions.  Best of luck.  

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