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I am reading an article ( that uses the following term: "sub-government states."

What does that mean? I never heard that before.

So far, I think it might mean federated states such as Florida, California, Alabama etc.



"Sub-state governments" are any type of government that has been granted a charter from their respective State government to rule itself.  In the United States each and every State is self ruled.  The Federal Government was only created to act as a referee of sorts so that one State could not dominate another, but that is another story (see the history of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).  A sub-State government by definition could be any county, city, borough, township, etc. depending upon the charter it was granted.  I am painting with a simple and broad brush but essentially a county petitions the State, and the smaller municipalities petition the county for municipal charters.  Does this make sense?


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