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Do you have an opinion on who the 2 candidates will be this fall and who will win the Whitehouse ultimately?


Hi James,

Please pardon the delay in responding: I figured that I might as well watch the debate last night before replying since it may help me answer your question!

I think the most accurate way for me to answer is to show you what I think is the relative likelihood of each candidate's chances to win the nomination. My scale is 0-5, with 0 meaning absolutely no chance of being nominated and 5 meaning most likely to win at this point (but things can certainly change at any time). Of course this is all just my opinion.


Trump - 5
Rubio - 4
Cruz - 3
Christie - 3
Bush - 0
Kasich - 0
Paul - 0
Fiorina - 0
Huckabee - 0
Carson - 0
Santorum - 0


Clinton - 5
Sanders - 4
O'Malley -0

I think that if Sanders wins in Iowa and New Hampshire then at that point he will become the likely nominee. Sanders big weakness right now is support from minorities, but that will likely change if he wins two back-to-back victories in the first elections. Sanders has at least two high-profile African American advocates who will help him with outreach efforts (rapper Killer Mike and scholar Cornel West). I think that the public's distrust of the political establishment and a desire for fundamental change have the potential to result in nominating non-traditional candidates in both parties. Although predicting these contests is always tricky, that's my assessment right now!

I appreciate your question, James!

- Marc  

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