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Hi. I saw this article when I was checking my e-mail:

This does not really surprise me- Trump seemingly hates Latinos and Arab Muslims. Recently I saw an episode of the Steve Harvey talk show and they were talking about political cartoons likening him to Hitler.

I want to say to Trump, "Mr. Trump, really? You don't know anything about the KKK or any White Supremacist advocacy groups? You HAD to be TOLD to disavow support from DAVID DUKE? Seriously?"

I find this hard to believe and I am curious to know what his reaction would be.

I am an African American and a Christian- I am not voting for Trump anyway. I would not vote for anyone getting support from groups like the BLACK MUSLIMS.

What are your thoughts? I am curious- please help.

Hi Jason,

Seems to me that if someone doesn't quickly and unequivocally reject an endorsement from a racist organization, then there is the risk of being perceived as a racist or at least sympathizing with racists. When Trump considered running for president in 2000 he explicitly distanced himself from David Duke and the KKK. Why his didn't do the same this time, and even claimed not to know who David Duke is, is very strange. But, regardless of what his true racial attitudes are, his refusal to immediately reject Duke's endorsement makes him look like he's glad to have it, despite his claims not to know who Duke is or know the details of white supremacist groups. As if the details matter!

- Marc  

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