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I was curious if you could direct me to a list, or insight your own, of political books that cover these subjects in detail: Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Democratism, Republicanism, and Libertarianism. I would like to be well-versed in these subjects (enough to create analogous arguments, and understand fully the gravity of their beliefs).

Hi again Nathaniel,

For political theory, I strongly recommend that you start with a general survey book and a reader rather than individual books on each ideology. That is because it's helpful to obtain a broad grasp of the basic outlines and principles, and to see how they relate to one another, before delving into each ideology in detail. I think that by doing so you'll be able to accomplish both your immediate and long-term goals.

I like Andrew Heywood, POLITICAL THEORY: AN INTRODUCTION (Third Edition, 2004 - but there may be later editions). Each ideology is a separate chapter, and he presents the history and the principles in clear language.

For a reader I suggest Terrance Ball and Richard Dagger IDEALS AND IDEOLOGIES: A READER (8th Edition, 2010). Here you'll find excerpts from Marx, Lenin, John Stuart Mill, Hobbes, and other thinkers who created and influenced Western political ideology.

These two books will supplement one another. Heywood will provide the history and comparative perspective, while Ball and Dagger present the unfiltered views of the political philosophers.

Hope this helps!


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