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Hi. I saw this video:

and asked what "Occupiers" were, and people said they are protesters involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement. What do they have to do with Obama supporters and what is the correlation between the two? I am curious. Please help- thank you.

Hi Jason,

The Occupy Wall Street protesters were angry about the Wall Street bailouts, which were a response to the 2008 economic crisis (which of course occurred before Obama was inaugurated). The Occupy Wall Street supporters, strictly speaking, are not necessarily supporters of President Obama. Indeed, President Obama brought into his administration some of the architects of the bailout, such as Timothy Geithner, who became Obama's first Treasury Secretary. The only commonality between Occupy protesters and the president is that they are presumably less enamored with Wall Street bankers than Republicans. But, there are plenty of Occupy members who accuse President Obama of being too lenient on corporations.

I hope that this helps!

- Marc  

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