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My simple question is that why donald trumph hates muslims or why muslims hates from him?

Hi Abdullah,

Donald Trump would not say that he hates Muslims. What he has said is that "Islam hates us" - meaning Americans - and that the US should temporarily ban Muslims from entering America until the US has a system of identifying potentially dangerous people when they try to enter country.

The reason that Trump would say "Islam hates us" is because the American media constantly reports about how Iranian politicians chant "Death to America," how ISIS wants to kill Americans, how Al Qaida wants to kill Americans, etc. Each of these groups claim to be Islamic. (Whether they are actually practicing authentic Islam is debatable, as you know.) Also, there have been several attacks here in America since 9/11 by people who identified as Muslim. So, Trump, and many Americans, get the impression that a lot of Muslims hate the United States and are determined to inflict harm.

The reason that Trump proposed the temporary ban on Muslim immigration was that one of the shooters in mass shootings in California a few months ago was a recent Muslim immigrant. And, the US is planning to accept many more - that is, refugees from Syrian. Trump's concern is that some of the migrants - or some of Muslim immigrants generally - could be terrorists. Right now Trump doesn't think the US has a way of finding out who is likely to be dangerous. And, until that changes, Trump thinks that no Muslim immigrants should enter.

So, Abdullah, that's what Trump has said, and of course many Muslims around the world and here in the US are offended by his positions. However, Trump's views are apparently supported by millions of Americans, based on his performance in politics. However, it's hard to know whether Trump is supported because of his views about Muslims or despite them.

Right now the United States is changing. The economy has been bad, the infrastructure has been deteriorating, manufacturing has been disappearing, politics are dominated by money and interest groups, and the population is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse. These issues are causing a lot of stress for the country as a whole. Some Americans, however, believe that Trump can change America to one that would make them happier. Even though he is very popular, most Americans are not Trump supporters, according to polls. Therefore, his views are not shared by a majority of Americans.

I hope that this is helpful, Abdullah. Thank you for your question.

- Marc  

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