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In the U.S., poverty is highest for non-married couples and lowest for married couples because married couples have two incomes supporting one household and do not need to pay for external supports such as day care and have double the human resources to accomplish the tasks of living.  Poverty rates for single mothers are approximately six times higher than that of married families.

Welfare has the effect of buying-out marriage. In lower income groups, women make economic decisions based on where they can make more money.  A few studies have documented that the trigger point of non-marital reproductive decisions correlates with seeing welfare as a better provider than having a husband.  Government has made welfare benefits so high that, betwen 1984 and 2010, we have seen a 167% increase in the numbers of unmarried individuals choosing welfare over marriage.

The assertion that healh care coverage in America is a larger problem is a myth.  This statistic has hovered between 13.8% and 15.2% between 1985 and 2005, and has increased only 1.4% since 1985.  

There is no scientific evidence that marriage-absence is driven by paternal abandonment.  Our research examining leading popular studies making this claim found that the citations of authorities supporting this assertion are completely invalid.  Research indicates that the dollar value of welfare is the primary driver of non-marital lifestyle decisions.  

There are other policies driving non-marriage and the perception that it is caused by paternal abandonment.  

Substance abuse is a major driver of marital disruption and non-marriage.  75% of serious domestic violence involves a substance abuser at the time of the offense. Government date proves that over half of all domestic violence incidents are initiated by women. The Violence Against Women act tends to assume that the man is the problem and results in men being ejected from the family regardless of who is the abuser.

46.1% of gun violence involves individuals who are "loaded" at the time of the offense.  Department of Justice data does not document gun violence by substance abusers who were not using substances at the time of the offense.  This statistic most often involves disaffected men and boys raised outside marriage who are disconnected from society due to structural government policy explicitly preventing men from participating in marriage, and subsequent cultural shifts where boys are raised to not seek marriage.

The etiology of poverty in Africa is much different.  Defining poverty as an issue of income is not a good measure of poverty in Africa or many "developing" nations, where individuals can live a very good life in small tribal groups who raise food, do not need money to prosper, and communal living is the substitute for the necessary pair-based institution for success in a propertied, moneyed society.  In brief, poverty in Africa is driven by three factors.  The clash between tribal cultures and modern property-based  interests fighting over rich natural resources to sell to the West and China results in wars where large numbers of unpropertied tribes become refugees living on unwanted and untillable land unable to grow food and support themselves.  Tribal cultures are not monogamous by design.  This custom is the source of the HIV/AIDS crisis.  Men and women attempt to participate in western-style economic activities, but by tribal custom are highly promiscuous by western standards. HIV/AIDS leaves a very high percentage of the population unable to work or care for itself.  





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