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Are there any restrictions regarding my wife bringing our small dog to St. Thomas for a two week visit?  Thanks.

Hi Bruce- you will need to get your dog to a vet for a check up 24 hours (or 48 hours?) prior to flying over.  The vet will give you the necessary paperwork to fly.  Of course, make sure where ever you stay in St.Thomas, is dog friendly.  Also, there is a dog friendly beach on the island- I just don't remember which one.  You can ask around when you get there. Have a good time.

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Susie Rano


I've lived in St.Thomas for nearly 20 years. I can answer tourist-related questions regarding this island and may be able to help with questions regarding St.John too.


lived on St.Thomas for almost 20 years

lived on St.Thomas for nearly 20 years

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