U.S. Virgin Islands/US VI racism


C wrote at 2006-11-24 15:00:45
You should add WHY islanders might be "stuck up and resentful."  Many Caucasians who come to the islands have a prejudiced attitude. They seem not to care about anyone but their own race.

Disappointed wrote at 2008-12-09 20:44:11
Racism is alive and well in St John.  

My wife and I just returned from a visit.  We have been there 6 times in the last 10 years.  The friendliness of the island is gone.  Nothing but rude attitudes.  

Also, FYI, avoid Denzil Cline car rental.  They have a well-practiced racket where they charge extra if you get any sand in your car.  If you complain, then be prepared for verbal abuse and attempted intimidation.

It makes me sad, but there is no way we will return to St John.

Disappointed wrote at 2008-12-09 20:46:18
The people of St John clearly and repeatedly demonstrated their prejudice against white folks.  They don't want us there, so we won't go back.  And neither will our dollars.

livinginstx wrote at 2009-03-03 01:03:38
Yes, it's not spoken out but people here understand that racism here is institutionalized. It runs in the blood of St. Croix and St. Thomas. If you look white, be very careful when you drive because when you have an accident with a local, you get your ticket straight up, without the local being questioned. They hate whites and asians here.

Being black here is overrated. This is their time and their place to get even. So watch out. In the government, they are slowly trying to eradicate mainlanders because they come with values of dedication and integrity. That makes them look bad so they keep them away. The best way to be here is to come on vacation, try not to get mugged and go home to where you get 911, medical service, garbage collection, and basic services for all the taxes you pay.

Jason wrote at 2011-02-08 14:37:41
I am white and I love living on St. Croix, if you come with an open heart and mind and embrace the culture I think you'll really enjoy life here. I think locals at first like anywhere try and feel you out and see where your soul is at and if your a good person at heart and truly enjoy it here where they are from, anyway just my opinion. Peace.

Concerned for your safety wrote at 2011-07-24 19:51:21
Gunfire, mugging, robbery. Don't let anyone fool you. They HATE whites and it will NEVER change. Murder is rampant with one happening only one block away from THE POLICE DEPARTMENT. The police are corrupt, the judges are corrupt, the locals are corrupt. Get my drift? The only reason you don't see this in our news on the mainland is because us whites that they love to hate could cripple their economics in a heartbeat. That's why the Jamie Cockayne case was not played in the news in the same manner as Natalie Holloway. They, and their congressional reps, knew how ugly it could get if companies and tourists pulled their business and dollars out of the island. STAY AWAY if you want to go home alive.

vi-guy wrote at 2011-10-14 17:59:35
I lived and worked there for 10 years and no matter what any west Indian says they hate whites. they blame us for everything even thought it is a 99% black run territory. Any whites that o there to live are not racist s the population is 87% black. They like to use that excuse to cover up their racism by deflecting it. Forget it if you need help from police or medical as if you are white you are wrong no matter what. Trust me I tried to fit in and respect but they make it impossible. they use the race card so often they are worn out. In fact the first poster on this board is black and by his statement just proves what I said!

Genogambino wrote at 2014-04-13 06:30:38
Do not go to St Thomas they hate everyone who is not black. My wife and I along with our 3 yr old daughter went  there. The island was beautiful but the people were terrible. I mean horrible, down right racist and rude. I've been to Iraq and the people there are much nicer than here. Don't spend your money here these people do not deserve tourist dollars. They will yell at you and try to intimidate you every chance they get. I almost knocked a rasta the f$&@ because he was so rude but I know the police are so crooked and I did not want to end up in a St Thomas jail. Visit anywhere else but here honestly we are Hispanic and they called us white devils and white Fu$&s. don't support these terrible racist scumbags.

Butchie Plow wrote at 2014-04-21 14:08:13
People.....People....  Look, Black people in the Virgin Islands are only trying to keep what they have.  Virgin Islanders have woken up and realize that the White American is trying to buy up the Virgin Islands and kick out the Black People that have built up the US Virgin Islands.  White people are now realizing that their ancestors enslave the Black ancestors in Paradise.  Now the New Generation of Virgin Islanders will not tolerate the White Americans to come and force change on the Great People of the Virgin Islands.  Yes White People, you are Racist just as the Black People are.  Except in the Virgin Islands, we will commit the ultimate price to keep what we have. The Jamie Cockyanes of St. John needs to realize that Black Virgin Islanders built that Island and the rest of St. Thomas, and St. Croix.  So, yes for you Whites to come and try to take what we have earned and worked so hard for will be darn right fought for.  Keep your Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and the rest of the Northern States.   Like Pirates of the Caribbean, WE VIRGIN ISLANDERS WILL FIGHT TO DEATH...  

whiteboy wrote at 2014-06-08 11:23:34
Dont come here, go to Hawaii  . This place sucks the people suck the local food is horrible and you will get food poison.  People  here are very spite full and believe white people are the devil. I have been told this since i was a kid and that i come from a pig mixed with a rat and a dog . I have hardly any black friends and it isn't from not  trying  and black girls would only mock me but i do see that they have a lot of white women they like to keep as friends and get pregnant or  hooked  on crack which is sold on almost every corner or next to almost every bar.  Which is another thing they have, thousands of bars and not one alcohol rehabilitation center  . The bartenders will get you so  drunk you wont be able to walk  and then call the police on you for driving in order to get on the cops  good side and  get them to turn their heads to what they do. i will tell you about a time there was a altercation amongst two men one white one black.    The black guy had walked up to  the the white man and his white  wife and started talking to the mans wife acting like he new her , the wife insisted she did not but the man continued the husband asked him to leave and so did the wife the man did not but persisted in trying to talk to the mans wife   . the husband got upset and the two  got into a fight  but a black person said she herd the guy call him a nigger and so he was arrested charged with a hate crime and sent to golden grove for 10 years.  they white people who do live here live in fear .  

Concerned wrote at 2014-06-11 22:26:01
I am a white Crucian, currently in the process of relocating my family state side for several reasons, racism not being the least of them.  There are some wonderful people here, my children were born here, we have friends of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and color.  I truly believe in judging a person based on "the content of their characters" and for no other reason.  I raise my children with the same belief system.  But it's difficult to teach them this when they are enduring  racial slurs spewed by people of color.  Plow's post unfortunately is true, that the black locals see whites as trying to take over and treat us accordingly.  Shame on you the real racists of the world.  Your comment about the blacks making the VI is ludicrous!  The first inhabitants, the Ciboney, Caribs, and Arawaks, were all what today we would refer to as Native Americans. Then came England and Holland, guess what color they prodominately are? White.  And then came the French, guess what? They are prodominately what we would refer to as WHITE.  Then the Danes, WHITE! So they were the earliest "developers" of the VI.  slavery was abolished here in 1848.  So 150 years ago.......can we move on?  We are currently financially dependent on the mainland America, which guess what? Is a majority of white people. Let's quit blaming our own difficulties and inadequacies on terrible things people did 150 years ago.  Tribal blacks sold their own race into slavery.  I am from an Irish heritage, but I don't continually blame the horrible things that were done to my ancestors on the people of today.  And I would NEVER use a racial slur, especially in front of or directed at a CHILD!  Something my family and I have had to deal with weekly over the years living in the VI.

 I'm scared for all the people of the VI.  WAPA bills, corruption in government, lack of future opportunity for other generations, lack of education, a failing hospital, closing of Hovensa, people leaving in droves, potholes, loss of efficiencies and technology, rising crime, drugs, etc.  So if you want to "fight to the death" to keep whites away.....my advice to people like Plow is use that negative energy in a much more effective way.  Fight for less corruption, more future opportunity, better education, a decent hospital, alternative energy sources, stand up against crime, etc.  Embrace all people of whatever color or background that would come to this beautiful place and call it home! Learn from the past great leaders like Nelson Madela, who personally endured 26 years of prison under an apartheid government and lead generations into forgiveness not hatred or oppression.  

 Unfortunately for my family it comes too late.  I will not force my children to endure it any longer.  I want to raise them in a different way.  Be part of the solution and not another problem so that future hard working families that contribute to the VI community are not chased away by negativity and lack of integrity.  

Wow wrote at 2014-07-07 11:51:36
I'm black, black people don't hate white people here in the V.I. they hate each other more!

Johnny cake wrote at 2014-11-17 00:06:05
#1: I'm calling BS on the story about the fight between the white guy and black guy. 10 years in Golden Grove? Bullshit.

#2: I lived on St. thomas for 12 years (I am white) and the whole time I was there I ran into black on white racism twice. On the other hand LOTS of white people I knew, that moved there from the states were total racists. It took me a long time to figure out why someone who hates black folks would move to a place that 95% of the population is black. Then it dawned on me, they think they are better than people of color! Therefore they get to feel superior to 95% of the population! Most of those assholes also enjoyed complaining and hating so being asshole racists and blaming It on the local people was fun for them. Ugly Americans, I thought of them as. I also spent time in the French Islands, and There were always loud boorish Americans from cruise ships floating around. It was really embarrassing, to be honest. I miss the Caribbean, and the people there terribly. I have never felt more welcome or at home anywhere... And I've lived all over America.

whiteboy wrote at 2015-01-02 12:26:14
If you dont believe that the guy went to jail for ten years in golden grove look it up in the daily news . before you start calling it bullshit.  If your going to st.Thomas be ready for double the price of practically  everything .  crappy grocery markets and Hamas supporting  Palestinians  at every convenience store . All you have to do is look around .

Maine girl wrote at 2015-01-18 12:58:27
Just spent our honeymoon in St Thomas, will never go back!!! The hatred and disdain directed at us was overwhelming. With the exception of staff at Gladys's, we were made to feel unwelcome everywhere. St John was much better, but spend your tourist dollars elsewhere.

takaka wrote at 2015-02-01 15:40:43
I have been in U.S. for last 25 years. Went to high school in California, did B.S. from University of CA, did my Masters from GWU. I have worked on executive positions at Federal government, local, government, technology firms including Microsoft. Finally, started my own technology business for the last few years. I really appreciate this land that has given me what I have deserved after what I have struggled day and night. My kids were born and raised in U.S. and I am very proud to be a U.S. citizen. Last week I took my family to visit U.S. virgin Island (St. Thomas)and stayed at Sapphire Beach condo and it is really a heaven. However, I have encounter with one person (Paul - white Caucasian) (living in building F) in laundry room that took all three washers and dryers to wash his clothes. While waiting for him to finish I tried to engage with him in a conversation since he has been living on the island for the past 4 years. Initially he was very rude and than he burst into racial argument and asking me question like "why your wife did not show skin", "I know you middle eastern treat really bad to women"... it was funny that he even did not even know that I am not from middle east. He is just a narrow mind construction worker who build kitchen, and bathrooms moved from Washington, DC area and could not tolerate the diversity of the area and moved to the island. I am glad Paul, that people like you does not live on the mainland as people like you do not deserve to be on mainland.

Charlotte Amalie wrote at 2015-03-03 01:06:33
While growing up in St. Thomas, I saw beaches being closed to the natives (Morningstar for one), for condos/hotels built by white developers that the natives couldn't afford, plus displaced the natives through zoning, to build on prime RE-especially in the hills for that "view of Charlotte Amalie." Also, those golf courses near Meagan's Bay displaced the natives and were built by/for whites.

Right now there's a petition out to save Mandahl bay from developers who want to build condos-not for the natives.

You wonder why the natives have an attitude???

Polyberg Hill wrote at 2015-06-05 21:07:32
Exactly, Charlotte Amalie. I grew up in STT and remember we couldn't swim at Morningstar beach-closed to the natives, natives being pushed from the hills because of developers for that same CA view.

then people wonder why the natives hate whites...

Sara Goldfarb wrote at 2015-12-04 13:02:19
I just returned from a weeklong stay in St. John USVI Ė this forum and others addressing the rude behavior of locals and hospitality workers throughout the VI have helped me understand what I just experienced firsthand.  I visited STT and STJ in 2009 and 2010, and donít remember it being nearly as bad as my recent visit in November 2015.  I donít know if itís the worsening economy, a drug-related issue (in my research, I noticed the VI is a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area), or the state of emergency declared in STX, but it breaks my heart that the overwhelming beauty of the VIís beaches and underwater life are ruined by poor customer service and shockingly rude behavior everywhere.  I will visit every other island in the Caribbean and world before ever going back there.  I agree with many other opinions expressed on this forum Ė itís very hard to find an honest opinion on TripAdvisor.  Try expressing anything but a glowing review of the VI there, and you will be met by the most hostile responses, not unlike the VI travel experience itself.

C.Shaw wrote at 2016-04-25 19:49:43
The problem is the natives being pushed away by whites all there life , I am whit but feel terribly bad for the people there , say your white and black people for generations took land and enslaved you and bought your islands from underneath you , how would you feel about black people , I believe the people are more spiritually connected there , they able to read people , they like humble and respective people , most people that visit are rich snobby tourists , redneck yacht club , downright white people that think there better , I'm white n I dislike white rich tourists as well , they have a crappy aura to them and it's not hard to tell , if you came from nothing and are respectful and humble , they know after a couple days and accept you as there own . I'm white and I will always help and fight to give the natives what was taken from them , if I took what you had I was blue of skin , you would dislike blue people , am I correct ?  

true wrote at 2016-05-20 18:30:41
I've been reading this forum and most I will agree with on both sides, i've been hear 4 years now and this is my take on it. Why are there no open bathrooms in town after 5 pm? The locals steals, destroy, damage there very place they use. I,ve heard about the beaches too, the locals steal, leave trash and destroy the beach for others, there destroying there own land that they help build, education, drugs, corruption is at an all time high here, the police wont do anything, there LAZY, like most all colored locals, thats why the whites come here to work in the hospitality industry, they call it ISLAND TIME, but what it really is is an excuse to do the least amount of work human possible and still get a pay check. those that live here will tell you you can go to a Mc Donald's and be the third in line and you'll have to wait 30 minutes, that's how slow it is here, hears a fun fact, half the colored population is on food stamps, a federal program that the us taxpayers pay for!! They want the whities off of here, buy our houses and land, kick the federal dollars out of hear and run your own government with your own taxes. CAN YOU SAY HAITI, DOMINIC REPUBLIC, WITHOUT US MONEY THIS RACIST ISLAND WOULD DIE  

JKennedy wrote at 2017-01-04 10:48:47
Wow!! The last remark from "true " was completely racist and a lie. The locals do not tear up their own property. I lived on STT being black with my white boyfriend and had an amazing time. If you are respectful and courteous you will not have a problem. If you come to the ISVI acting like a typical racist minded American, you will have problems. It's simple as that. Don't come here acting like this is America and you are entitled. They do not care how much money you have or what you are wearing. It's about how you carry yourself and treat others. No most of the natives are not on food stamps and welfare. I always see natives working in anyway they can to support their families and make things work. Americans come here and drink themselves uncontrollably into debt and try to blame it on someone else. Grow up. The people here are called locals and natives because this is their island. Where else can you go in the world in the Western Hemisphere and the racism you speak of is reversed? And since the blacks here expect to be treated equally and don't take crap from the rude tourists that visit they are considered racist?! I think they are just smart 😉

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