Hifly wrote at 2013-07-04 14:47:40
I have a sister who saw a hovering saucer-shaped vehicle around twilight sometime in the late 60's. And since I know her well enough to know this wasn't a fabrication, I'm sure of its reality. But also, I wouldn't want to suggest this was  anything other than seeing an unidentified flying object.

So why couldn't it be ET? Well, although I'd admit it's a possibility, couldn't they just as well be of earthly origin? And by this I mean military, since they're known for having  spent a lot of time building experimental aircraft for spying purposes.

And moreover, today we have drones for shooting at certain targets or dropping bombs by remote control. So why couldn't there exist other remote control aircraft that spy? That would seem possible when considering that UFO's have been known to execute sharp angles at high velocity?

nsive purposes.  


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