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Hi Earth Sister, I have a couple important questions for you. I will most likely write a follow up on these questions. So here it goes:

1.) What are the spiritual entities that play an important role in our lives? So far I understand there is God, spirit guides, personal angel, anything else?

2.) When you need any sort of help, whether its help related to your mental health or physical health, or simply asking for help because you are "stuck" in life, who do you need to pray to? Do you pray to God, your angel, or spirit guides? Or do you only pray to God because God will already communicate to the other entities that help you along the way (in that way it would be redundant to pray to all of the other entities because God is already sorting out to which entities will help you, (if that made any sense, sorry I currently have a lot of brain fog)).

3.) When you pray to God or any other entity, do you need to start off by saying "Dear God" or can you simply just direct your attention to Him and pray? (assuming He knows you are talking to him).

4.) Does God know everything about me? Does he hear me think? Can I ask him a question related to what I'm thinking, and assume he knows what I'm talking about?

I guess what I'm trying to say is, is God constantly keeping track of our thoughts, so at anytime I can ask him about something related to my thoughts? Not that he wouldn't know what I'm talking about. But I guess there is nothing that God doesn't know, correct?

Let me know if you didn't understand some of these questions, I will write a follow up.

Hi, Phil. Thank you for your questions.

1.) God and our personal Angel you mentioned have an active role in our lives. Also there are higher Angels to help us when needed. Our spirit guides can be any spirit connected to us directly by past or present life, or called on especially by us or for us. The only other spiritual entities that play an important personal role in our lives are all the family and friends, neighbors and strangers alive and well around us right now. This is my understanding.

2.) What I have been taught by my spirit guides and angels, is that we should only pray directly to God. Everyone else, we just talk to, no matter what we talk about. Asking anybody else besides God for help or guidance or comfort is not praying.

3.) What I have been taught by my spirit guides and angels, is that it does not matter how we start off praying. We can do it the way that feels best to us. We can pick a traditional way or make up our own new way. We can try different things to find what we like best, and we can change it up at any time. What I do is get in a peaceful place in my mind, direct my attention to God and wait to feel calm and connected, and then I speak as clearly as I can, either in my mind or aloud or both, but mostly in my mind. I try to listen at the same time in case I can get any indication back at that time. Sometimes it's a little later that helpful, positive thoughts come back to me. (God always knows when you are talking to him.)

4.) From all the speck I understand, yes, yes and yes.

I think God lets us live our life, and yet is with us all in the most real way at every second. Many Angels work for God, doing his will for him and us. All of us humans also do God's work for him and each other, whether we know it or not.

I believe God knows each one of us completely, and that we can tell him anything and he will know exactly what we mean, even when we don't.

Practice and don't stop. See what you can discover. For me, I don't always feel any need to use words when I pray. The words are for us as we work out what we want to say. At a point, I learned to just feel "with" God, and to rest with God, to walk with God, and to stay connected.


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