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Hello EarthSister,

Let me start off by saying this is the first time i've asked you a question myself, however i have been reading your responses with interest for some time now. Although a fairly strong believer in ET activity and various 'conspiracy theories', i am usually quite skeptical about this kind of thing, however there is something in the way you answer your questions, a calm, thoughtful, patient and above all consistent manner which leads me to believe you may be the real deal. Which is why i have finally compiled a few questions which i'm hoping you will be able to shed some light on.

1) What do you know of the compound DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), a substance which has been used in south american culture for thousands of years by shamans and alike who see it as a teaching and medicinal plant. Users regale visions of incomprehensible beauty and feelings of oneness and synchronicity with the universe, the complete shattering of their ego, and in a documentary about it called DMT: The Spirit Molecule, one woman claimed she was transported to an area where souls wait to be reincarnated. It is a truly profound thing which the human brain seems to be hotwired to experience. I want to know if you have any information on it and its role in human evolution? I ask because i am 20 years old and planning on going to peru to do a work exchange program at an ayahuasca retreat.

2)Why would our government leaders want to refuse ET help and continue destroying our planet if they have knowledge that there is a better alternative? They share this planet with us and stand to lose just as much as everyone else.

3) what do you think of this video? I know you say there is a lot of disinformation about ET activity, however i consider myself quite good at being able to see through lies, and this man has me convinced he is either telling the truth, or one of the greatest actors of our time. He claims to have a spirit guide called Artemis who he channels, who i've heard is quite a well-known name in ET circles and claims to be aiding the ET program on earth. Can you confirm this?

4) Do all races go through this initial struggle period of war and lack of empathy towards their fellow species? If not, what has gone wrong with us and why is this happening.

5) Many ancient civilizations claim to have been contacted and guided by 'people from the stars', and even worshipped them as deity's. Is this true, and if so why would they be happy to reveal themselves to our ancestors and not us?

6) My last questions is probably the most important to me. It relates to my dreams. I dream extremely vividly basically every night and they are always a little bit crazy, but not in the way that i would like. Given we are approaching a crucial time in human history and our evolution, and from what i remember you saying about dreams, that they are meant to help give us information subconsciously, i find that my dreams are always extremely trivial. I usually only ever remember them being about partying with my friends/ being with my girlfriend / partaking in some ridiculous Lord of the rings/Starwars battle. And i know you say you should always write down your dreams but i almost always wake up thinking whats the point? What im trying to say is are all dreams important, or is there a chance that i only remember certain parts of them? I just find it a little frustrating that im trying so hard to be open minded to all this stuff and although i couldnt say i ever feel ive really ever had a truly amazing spiritual/ET experience/encounter... i really want to. Or at least have some sign that im on the right track. I have a very spirital family on my mothers side, and she's often been told by various people that i'm 'protected', for example when i was a very small child a pedophile was stalking my mum, (in hopes of getting to me). So i really want to feel or be shown in some way that this is the case, and that im not just wasting my time with all this stuff.

I realise i've given you a lot to process there but i hope you can manage, and i thankyou in advance for your answers.

Yours truly, an aspiring dreamer..

Hi, Ben. Thank you for your questions. I support your skepticism. Don't just believe things you don't understand. Hold out to understand the truth for yourself. Keep searching. Be aware that sometimes one has to experience something before he can begin to understand it in a true way, and also that just because one experiences something doesn't mean he understands it in a true way.

1) I don't personally know anything about the compound DMT. I have heard from other people what you've told me but I have not studied it in any way. Jack and I don't use any substances to achieve spiritual awareness and we don't recommend for anyone else that they use any.

2) Our secret government leaders who make these crucial decisions are hidden behind the public government we see on TV. They stand to lose much more than everyone else, personally and for the historical reputations of all our leaders and leading nations. They stand to become known for all secret crimes against the visiting races and against humanity, not just in the past but also present and future. These people will never admit the organization of such crimes or allow disclosure of the victims. But don't worry, you and I can just learn all about it anyway without their permission. In all fairness, these people have inherited their positions and the chaos in them from others before them, and have found themselves in so deep over their heads that they cannot get themselves or us out of this predicament anymore if they tried. As for the public government leaders, I don't think they personally know enough of the real truth to be able to realize just how serious this problem has become, or just how friendly and professional our visiting races are and how much they can help us, or even how dire is our need for what they are offering. The public government only knows what the secret government tells them, same as us. The self-justification they use is a possible threat to national security.

3) This man is having a self-indulgent blast. He is a very bad actor and he should be completely transparent to anyone using common human sense regardless of the subject matter. His deep state of self- hypnosis doesn't make him a better actor, it just helps him concentrate his adrenalin that much directly on convincing himself and others that he is completely terrified by something crazy and inhuman by acting completely crazy and inhuman. I think it's a testimony of the prevalent confusion by dogma in general in our societies, that the average person could look at any portion of this video and not be able to see what this guy is doing.

4) First, you and I do not war or lack empathy. Just a few people on Earth are making those decisions for all of us humans, and we loyally let them do it. If it were up to you and me ALL people of Earth would live in peace already. However, all races go through their own unique early beginnings. Not all races ever warred. "Advanced War" is a universal oxymoron. Not all races use money like we do- none of our 218 visiting races uses money. Not all races were led by their most successfully organized criminals who only position more criminals to power. In this part of the universe, our race is known for being one of the most difficult for the further advanced races to ever try to make themselves known to. What went wrong with us is not that we quickly developed such great technologies so early. It was that our leaders began to recruit our geniuses and trick them as needed to provide for their agenda. They used our greatest technological abilities for criminal control of our planet and people by building the foundation of their own advancements on the lucrative suffering of our planet and people. Our people are still being professionally stupefied and kept confused and afraid through dogma and advertising while heralded as patriotic heroes. We don't even know how diabolically controlled our thinking is.

5) Yes it's true that different ones of the visiting races have tried many times since early on to help us get to know them. But when we receive them and represent them in anything less than a true way it's only taking us further away from what they are trying to show us. What good is it if when they show up, it proves to us that demons are real? Or that God has come back? What good is it if they show up and so the government blows up a building to lead all the people to think the aliens did it? Anyway, what makes you think they don't show up in person to educate hundreds of thousands of people every day in private, protected by the secrecy of it?

6) If you dream so vividly so often then you are a natural and that is a gift, which is exciting because you are so young and there is so much to come in your lifetime in this world. So get ready. Writing your dreams is an exercise to strengthen all your dream and awareness of dream abilities. It doesn't matter what you remember of your dreams- treat all your dreams as important. Create yourself a way to outline so that you can capture order and detail with a few words or phrases so that you are not writing a novel every day. Or maybe put some better effort into practicing just once a week until your dreams pick up with more significance. The point of writing even pointless dreams is not the dream itself, although it could be, but the exercise of capturing it from spirit to physical awareness. It trains your mind to watch, and to remember details and bring it all back with you even while you're still asleep. It trains you to connect and maintain awareness between states of consciousness. Memories of spiritual events seem like dreams, even spiritual nonsense. The events don't only happen when we're asleep, but it's just easier that way.  


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