QUESTION: hy-this is follow up to the questions before i forgot to ask-

-this complete anihaliton of dinosaurs was supposed to destroy them for what reason? did the aliens directly use fusion bomb as stated in lacerta files? you also mentioned other worlds is this mars and jupirot and venus only in this solar system???

the aliens state they have information on the dinosaurs in a small disc -now as im fan of dinosaurs im very curius as the footprints in texas of giants and dinosaurs-did giant humans exist with the remaining dinosaurs that existed after th old world dinosaurs died?? the way i read this was only few dinoaus exited with giants that hunted them??the old world dinosaurs were on this earth alone with only aliens underground as watchers while other aliens cme and went-
then after the fusion blast got rid of all the dinosaurs -some lived along with giant humans who were 20ft tall and maybe trolls? genetic experimments of aliens-the race who experiment???the destroyer aliens got rid of all the old world dinosaurs?

-all the ancient texts to point to something happening when the world and maybe universe does end -espically on earth-some type of ww3????are the aliens involved and which alien species is this that will fight earth-there is no estimate but it will happen in next 3or 4 thousand years??if this happens then what will happen next??????
-who excalty is god if they say he is the jesus? thy cant b the same as all the old ancient cultures legends gods sayed they is a higher god then then jupitor and posiden-then it must man god the creator?but who is this creator? how can satan mulpiply in earth?is it by human flesh only and the corrupiton that multiplys? how can the same god in bible be of mischeif and destruction unless its an alien of higher power???as u mentioned -lord??lord of the sky????
are satan minions aliens host of the sky? then who are the underground aliens? that lived here thousands of years before acording to the lacerta files-it says aliens lived here befoe the aliens from other universes came to earth an started to fight them for the control of it?
the aliens are confusing acting like this deception -even if the is a ressurection after death????will any advanced aliens no be able to stop it??why is satan want humans only???or is ther others in other planets????if so tell me about this.

-ancient legends tell of thors return and the return of king aurthor -the aurthor who held excalibur which must be real sword ?in my view it is of alien origin -it says he will return with excalibur to battke o earth 1 more time before accension to higher plane?
-then thor also will return with its hammer-also alien origin? to fight the beasts of the sea and earth? if you look at certain pictures of thor he is shown as alien in physical appearance fishing for a dragon in the sea-this legend are partially correct but if you know more then tell me.
these go well with the last days on earth which i don know when this is-when will the universe not exist? there is many universes according to the lacerta files.
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ANSWER: In attempting to answer your questions, I ended up with 14 pages of text and images.  Pelase refer to this on the link below as this will make it easier to read...


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QUESTION: hy-the link wont connect to anything-maybe pdf or file download by email might be best. this rferes to the link fo the questions above.tks

I have provided them for you in two alternative formats here...

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I will also paste it here BUT this is without referenced images and some images include original text...

What happened to the dinosaurs?

The answer to this question may appear to be “off-topic” at first but bare with me.  The dinosaurs never really did become fully extinct.  In fact, many of them exist in your own neighborhood although you don't realize it.  I'll explain...

Before the last flood, the earth was much different than it is today.  It was a far more perfect place where people and animals lived much longer than they do now.  Hence you will also notice this from the ages in which people lived in Genesis.  Adam, for example, lived to be almost a thousand years old (930 to be exact).  The average lifespan around that time was just under a thousand years.  A thousand year period was referred to as an “age” or “era” or commonly written as “day” in the bible.  But this was not exclusive to humans only.  Animals lived this long as well (many lived much longer because they were here before man).  The ages as predicted in the bible appear to shorten over time but common sense would show people that this is only because people were not all born at the same time... they were born and lived in succession leading up to the flood where all were destroyed.  Life was not originally designed to end.  It was only designed to end after the fall of Adam and Eve.

Genesis 2:17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

But here is something that most people don't know about reptiles that are alive today.  They never stop growing until they die.  Now imagine how large lizards and other reptiles would grow to be if they lived to be more than a thousand years old.  Also think about why you never see baby dinosaurs in the museums.  For example, the Leatherback Sea Turtle is the largest turtle in the world (lives to be as much as 80 years old).  The komodo dragon (lives to be around 30 years old).  Look at virtually any reptile in the world that is unusually large and you will see that they age longer than other reptiles.  Nor is this simply speculation because it is common scientific knowledge that reptiles do not stop growing until they die.  But often people forget about the fact that life was an extended issue before the flood and was designed to continue unless fallen upon with an “UN-natural” death like murder, sacrifice or accidents.  Then think about the size of a Komodo dragon at the age of 30 and multiply that by about 35 (If it were about 2 feet long then in a thousand years it would be about 70 feet long).

After the flood, certainly many of them became extinct as this is a given.  But the rest of them didn't disappear insomuch as they simply became hindered in growth and lifespan.  Prior to the flood, they existed alongside man.  Prior to the fall of Adam, man still commanded the animals and thus there was not worry of being killed by them.  However, you must also remember that man grew alongside these animals (not just reptiles either)...  so the fear of these animals were virtually non-existence since they really didn't grow to so extremely large until the last part of the “age”.  This is to say that they were still just small and large lizards for most of that 1000 year period.

Finally, there were not fusion bombs or anything like that.  Something that is left out of the above explanation is the fact that there were all kinds of dinosaurs.  Many of them we see dug up today were not even around in Genesis time.  They were annihilated before the recreation of man thousands of year before Adam and Eve when the earth was much smaller and “others” existed here.  The first flood (not Noah's flood) was the catalyst for the original dinosaurs' demise.  This WAS an asteroid but did not hit where people think it did.  It hit in the northern hemisphere near the north pole.  The destruction was so great that it literally split the foundation of the earth leaving a still visible crack down the length of this planet (where previously there was far less water than there is here today).

This impact resulted in water pouring into the mantle of the earth to come in contact with exposed magma which caused the steam to spew miles into the sky.  As the steam continued to shoot into the atmosphere for days (as the world rotated) that steam melted the frozen crystalline canopy that covered the earth.  That canopy melted and rained down on earth along with the water from the steam.  All of this resulted in a planet that not only grew in size but also became covered mostly with water (now our oceans).  Over time, the crystalline canopy regrew but after the second flood (the one with Noah) the atmosphere lost it's extremely high concentration of Oxygen when the protection of the  crystalline canopy eventually faded away once again (as it was far less stable the second time around).

Summary: Dinosaurs were not really destroyed for any particular reason.  They were simply a victim of circumstances.

As for the giants, well humans stopped growing after a certain point in their life but not like today.  Many of them still grew to be extremely large (but never as large as dinosaurs).  However, just like dinosaurs, not all men before Noah's flood were born at the same time... it was in succession so most remains of the dead back then are of men less than a few hundred years old (thus not giants at all).  The old rare skeletons found here and there of giants (that some governments are attempting to cover up) are those who were born earlier in history and lived to be nearly a thousand years old.  They grew very large.

The Other Worlds:

The other worlds that I spoke of is a very long and drawn out conversation piece.  I will not go into a huge amount of details here.  Perhaps later you might want to ask a question pertaining to just this one issue (without all the other topical questions included).  However here is the really short versions...

There are 7 solar systems under Satan's rule.  Each one includes 2 or 3 planets of which life is abundant and ruled by a specific government (referred to as a “Church”).  The book of Revelations refers to these solar systems as stars (because obviously a solar system includes a central star like our own).

Remember that LORD (all Caps) refers to Jehovah (Satan) when looking at the following...

Here is a verse identifying Satan as the ruler of these stars.

Amos 5:8 Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name:

Revelations touches on the Mysteries of the 7 stars:

Revelation 1:20 The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.

Notice that Amos 5:8 mentions Orion as well but does not include it as an additional star.  This is because is not solar system but rather a collection of stars and planets (the origin and center of this universe where this Universe's creation began).  Even science has come to conclude that this is the basic location in which all stars and heavenly bodies are moving outward from (hence was the original starting point of all things).

The Angels of the seven churches are the heads of those churches (aka the heads of those governments “known as the gods” in earlier history).

In this solar system, those inhabitable planets are Earth and Mars.  Mars' civilization is poorly covered up by earth's governments but can be uncovered and somewhat seen if you do it well.

Above is an image of a small portion of Hale crater on mars with the histogram, light and darkness adjusted to expose what is many buildings and other structures.  The original image was taken directly off of ESO.org (home of the returned images from the mars programs).  They are obviously NOT natural formations not jpeg images as debunkers will try to explain them as.  

God and Jesus:

Sometimes I feel as if people are missing the true message not only of the bible but as people explain it.  I have explained this before and yet it still goes questioned as if it was never read.

Jesus was not God.  He said so himself.  However if one would understand exactly who and what God is, they will understand why many areas of the bible can be confused as him claiming to be God when that is NOT what he was doing.

God is a conscious spirit of the “all”.  He was first the only thing that ever existed but created extensions of himself in order to not be alone.  These extensions of himself were nothing more than “automatons” so to speak because they lacked one thing that made them truly unique and separate from God ...Free Will.  They were appointed to do specific things and had their appointed duties.  There were primarly three of them that were in charge of three branches of angels (and the angels being of many different branches as well).  One of these three were Sataniel (Satan as he is known now).  

The one thing God had left to create was beings that were not subject to anything such as an appointed duty but rather FREE to make decisions of their own.  Unless someone had 100% free will, they were not free to love unconditionally.  So we were created.  We were souls and not confined to these bodies yet.  Mankind is always trying to seek out our purpose and why we were created... but the reason that is so difficult to find is because we were created for sole purpose of defining our own purpose.  If we had a purpose when we were created, then that would NOT be free will at all.  The true definition of free will is to not have a purpose until you decide what that is for yourself.  We were created to be the only beings in existence who's purpose was to define our purpose for ourselves.

So all other creations being of a specific appointed duty or purpose were asked to follow our lead (obey us).  Sataniel didn't like this idea and eventually led to the downfall of him and the third of the angels in Heaven that he had rule over.  He broke away from the command of God by creating his own free will and thus is the why he says that there is no god above him.  He never says that there wasn't one at one time.. just that there is none now.

Since the third of the angels of heaven were appointed to follow Sataniel, they naturally followed him.  The fallen angels were not so much sinning against God insomuch as they were tricked into it... eventually deceived by Satan into thinking that this was the choice they wanted to make because those angels no longer had a direct connection with God and could only hear Satan's side of it all.

Now here is where the confusion is.  God did not create millions of free will souls.  He created 1.  Just ONE.  That 1 soul was Adam.  Adam was the son of God.  Adam was created first but not yet placed into existence (so to speak) because man would not be able to define a purpose if nothing was there to be purposeful of.  So God waited and put all other things into existence first.

Just like the Triad (the three branches of Angels) the first were created and from those first, the others were made.  Life begins with just one.

So Adam was the fourth to be set out into the garden of Eden but was not the same.  He was created from the spirit of God himself (in essence, this means that the Adam existed prior to God's first creations because Adam is of the essence of God himself)  He was the first and the last.

Adam was then asked to multiply... this was asked of him prior to him even being on Earth (prior to leaving the Garden of Eden).

Adam was deceived by Satan while on Eden and then cast out of the Garden and onto earth. When Adam fell from the grace of God he entered into a the physical world ruled by Satan (whereby Satan clothed him in flesh).  Adams existence in the physical world meant he no longer was in the presence of God (thus deceived by Satan who was standing in as and pretending to be God).  

In physical form, Adam was hermaphrodite in nature.  Both male and female organs.  Don't look at him as you would envision hermaphrodites that exist today.  Adam was something of both masculinity and Beauty.  Satan performed a surgical transformation by removing the sperm from Adam to create a woman and then closed of the female flesh of Adam to make him a being of just male organs.  Reading the even in Genesis exactly how it was meant to be read will show you the procedure.  There was never a rib taken.

The proper translation is as follows:

and He caused Adam to sleep. He then removed something from the male organ (angular organ of man) and closed up the vagina (the flesh of woman).

The words “him” and “her” ins this verse is poorly translated because it is really from Hebrew words that are identifying male and female.  

Satan then took to sperm and genetically engineered it to be just woman.  And so Eve was created.  As a matter of fact, this verse can NOT be saying that he is closing up the flesh of Eve because it is not until the next couple of verses that Eve is even being created.  That would be like saying that Eve existed before she was even created.

Another interesting thing to note here is that the original bible never said that she was taken OUT OF MAN as the english Genesis 2:23 says.

You will note that the correct translation really reads as follows...

And he said, this new human, bones like me and flesh like me shall be called Ashe (woman) cause she was taken from me.

Yes, Ashe was actually a genetic creation of Satan's that came from man.  This is also why the serpent communed with only Even and then having Eve relay to Adam until the deeds were done.  Even was following her creator by way of deceiving Adam.

Adam was commanded not to commune with Satan but Even was not.  She was not yet created when God gave that commandment.  So Satan used her to get to Adam.  The goal was simple...  to get Adam to follow Him instead of following God or His own Free Will.  If he could get Adam to obey him, then Adam would self-consciously put himself and all of his descendants under Satan's rulership by way of subjunctive admittance.

Old world Africa was also subdued by a deception that all life came from the creation of Satan (Eve) who was taken from the son of God (Adam) and it is even expressed in their beliefs.

Now realize before the beginning of everything there was only Ashe, the creative force itself. It was in no pot. There was nothing but Ashe. But one day Ashe began to think. And when thinking began Ashe became Oloddumare. And as Oloddumare thought he thought matter, and so matter became to be. And the matter is called Olorun, the Adobe at the center of everything. But matter became a she as Oloddumare is a he...

And these words come from the Yoruban Religion.


If you were to look at Genesis how it was meant to be seen and read, you will see that Adam and Even did not start all life in existence.  There were many there.  The trees mentioned in the garden of Eden were civilizations.  Those civilizations bare fruit (people of the civilization) and the seeds were the offspring.  The rivers were the flow of people from one location to the next and then began to multiply within other civilizations.  The commandment of Adam was not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge (this is to say, to not mingle with the people of that civilization).  Their leader was known as the serpent in the bible.  The devil.  A minion of and incarnation of Satan.

The earth, was a place full of life and civilization prior to Adam being cast out of Eden and becoming a physical being on earth.  Satan was then cast out of Orion (his seat) and was subjugated as being a mere physical being of the worlds he had rule over.

Genesis 3:22 describe how how one Adam and Eve were clothed in skins, they now looked upon them and stated “Okay... now they are like us”

They were then cast out of the Garden and onto earth ...a place already filled with beings (that looked like us) but were not.  The others that were here was the creations of Sataniel back when he was doing this as part of his God appointed duty.

Originally we were supposed to have dominion over all these things but now are a part of it.  The only way to not be a part of this dominion and under Satan's rule is to partake of the tree of life (intermingle with the true spirit of the Highest God)  [aka... receive the Holy Spirit within you] which is by way of Christ's doing to make that possible.  Once you have that spirit within you, you are back in the graces of God and have dominion over the creations.  So Satan made it difficult to simply do that by lying and deceiving the world into thinking that it is himself that you are seeking.  He did this by creating the Devil Adversary and setting himself up as God the creator of all things.  And it fooled many.  To this day, people are still going to church and worshiping Satan unaware.

Adam returned (reincarnated) as Jesus.  Took of the tree of life (incarnated with the spirit of God [Holy Ghost]) and then had dominion... could command the elements and animals and whatever (as we refer to as miracles).  He returned to state his position as ruler once again and all those that follow him will do so as well.  To follow means that through him and his teachings, you will find God again and have dominion over Satan and this world rather than being subjugated by it all as people currently are.  

John 14:12 King James Version (KJV) 12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

Thus the truth behind the Trinity:

1. The Father (Adam)
2. The Son (Jesus)
3. The Holy Spirit (God)

It's how the three can be one and the same.  Jesus is the descendant of himself while incarnated in spirit by God.  All as a single being.

The gods:

You refer many time to other gods and also those such as Thor, Arthur and so on.   Each one in themselves is a story in itself and therefore I will just try to simplify this as a whole.

Satan appointed his creations rule over many areas, not only of earth but other planets as well.  Of course these were all just minions at first, but as I said before, they were deceived.  So many came to know of that deceptions and tarried on to their own course over time.  Some stayed with his allegiance while others found agendas of their own.  So some history tells stories of these men of old and renown as being both evil and benign.  

Arthur was one who descended from an Uther... Who was one of his own Agenda separate from Satan's rule (and is why he despised magic).  Arthur however, saw things differently and knew that magic was not the work of Satan but rather the work of any extraterrestrial or dimensional being (even like unto God).  The story of King Author is long distorted but based on a real truth that was erased from history by way of tales which were written in order to record history... though many eventually thought them to just be stories.  So they were changed over time and became screwed up version of the originals.  Merlin was a man who was incarnate with the Spirit and who's abilities were referred to as magic but was really his dominion god given powers.

The name Merlin is of Welsh origin, and the meaning of Merlin is "sea fortress". Mythology: Arthurian tales describe Merlin as the wizard who was King Arthur's mentor. Myrddin, the wizard who tutored King Arthur in British legend was known as Myrddin Emrys. Writers translated this into Latin as Merlin Ambrosius, and into English as Mervyn. It was a mistake as the first part of the name was a Welsh place name for the seacoast town of Carmarthen. Emrys was the personal name and a Welsh version of Ambrose. So Merlin probably means "Ambrose of Carmarthen", and is only vaguely related to Mervyn and its variants.  Thus the name was never Merlin to begin with.  It was Myrddin Emrys.

Thor and other “god” of the time were either working according to Satan's commands or simply in and about on their own accord but they were always of great countenance and power because they had technology beyond human comprehension at the time.  They had their own agendas and many were war with each other, primarily because of us... the only beings in existence if able to be controlled would be the key to creation.  Our souls are the essence of God.  Satan is not here to destroy us... he is here to control us for his own agendas.

Poseidon was often referred to as God of seas because his rule was primarily over Atlas (aka Atlantis) a continent that is now deep below the water.  

There is far too much to write about any specific one of them that differs from the others, so I'll have to just stop there.  I hope you get the idea.  If you want to know about a particular one, let me know.



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