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Many years ago, I was at my friends ,sitting in front of her house smoking a cigarette at night. I'm sitting on the curb of the door and in front of me is her plain grass yard,no shrubbery and past her yard was her neiborhood street.
Not even ten feet in front of me was a blue streak that appeared out of thin air.
The best way to explain it: it was as if someone had taken their finger ' motioned it diagonally and 'cut' the air which exposed this neon blue light from inside of the cut, and then would 'seal' itself back up from tip to tip.

About 1' long, made no noise, and was beautiful but not scary. I leaned in the door and called my friend to come out and see it, never taking my eyes away from the yard. She came outside and sure enough it did it again. Now, she called her uncle out to witness the same thing.,,and he saw it as well.
At this point for about ten minutes it would do it all over the place, sometimes multiple cuts, other times one on its own but never in the same place.
No one wanted to go and check it out so I did. I stood in the yard and right in front of me it cut through the air. Always slow and elegant. This time though I placed my hand out to see if it would go through my hand or If I would feel anything.
It gracefully went through my hand as if my hand wasn't interrupting its flow. It sealed right up stitching through my hand but I never felt any wired sensation. Just in awe I guess.
I've been looking for years on the Internet to see if anyone else has had a similar posting but have found none.
Any idea?
By the by, I'm not nor have ever been on meds or have had anything like this happen before or after.
All of her street lights were out and there was barley a light from the moon.could never figure an explanation. I'm glad I ventured out to the yard to see it up close because it was so hard to tell if it was coming from across the street or ten feet away.
Thanks for a lending ear and time to write back if possible:)

Minnie thank you for your question.  I've never had one like it before!  I've been checking with my friends and experts (both UFO believers and skeptics).  So far, everyone is "I've never heard of this!"  I would be truly skeptical if some UFO site says "Oh it's aliens" as many of the UFO hard core believers think anything unexplained is a UFO.  (Or a Bigfoot site might say it was Bigfoot communication, you get the idea).

So far, the ONLY explanation is eye floaters.  That is when you walk from a bright area into a dark area, you see long floaters.  They would appear blue because of the night, as in a lighter version of whatever the background is.  You can make these by staring at a bright street light or porch light and then looking at a very dark sky or background.  (A group of us tried this last night!  I should say it works if you look UP or at a dark area, and it does last far longer than you would think.)  

I will say that it was a poor imitation of what you and your friends saw.  There is even another die hard skeptic that said he and his sister had the exact same experience, and they have never found an explanation.  He even called his sister on the phone to ask her about their shared experience.  

We haven't given up!  I have emails out to several UFO people and a few astronomers.  

The good part, you really did see this, because the most skeptic person I know saw the same thing with his sister!  Not supernatural, unless it's very rare, because so far I have only TWO reports of this.  Yours and the skeptic!  

I probably won't hear much from people until after the holidays.  The best part is I know have your report in the "system" so we can soon see if we can find more people that have had this experience.  

So your questions was very much a holiday gift to all of us!  

I hope to get back soon.  



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