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There is this idea that aliens are actually demons in disguise. My question is: Are there real aliens(in the sense of beings living on other planets with different civilization and technology level), or they are all just demons? In other words, can there be both real aliens and demons masquerading as other worldly beings?
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The answer to this question can be prematurely answered as both yes and no.  However, to clarify this, you should know that demon is a loosly interpreted word from the bible.  One may take note that the original Hebrew and Greek languages of the bible do not use the word demon at all.  As a matter of fact, the english word "demon" does not even appear in the original or updated King James version of the bible.  Newer translations of the bible (other than kjv) simply replaced the word "devils" where it saw fit to do so.  The original word used in the bible (seen only in the new testament) is the word "daimon" singular... or "daimonion" plural.  And so the word in the new translations became "demon" or "demons" to that respect.  Unfortunately, by translating this word, it created confusion as people now see devil, devils, demon and demons and seperate entities.  It has always been the same.

The official Strong's definition of a demon/devil or "daimon" is as follows...

From δαίω daiō (to distribute fortunes); a demon or super natural spirit (of a bad nature): - devil.

To define it as a demon is kind of redundant since it is only repeating the original word but in it's english translated version... However, it is defined as a "super natural spirit of bad nature" and "devil".

I said this much so far so you are not confused by the following explanation...

The Devil (or "A devil") is a minion of Satan.  Devil(s) are defined as appearing as both spiritual and physical form.  through my years of research, I have discovered them to be better explained by comparing them to a human being.  We are both Physical and spiritual.  When we die, we are supernatural.  When alive we are physical while inhabited by a supernatural "spirit" (except that we have a different ype of spirit that is referred to as a SOUL [co-creative essence of the Holy God])  But the two are similar...(sometimes more than one that is neither here nor there right now).  

Demons are many things.  Most of which are pre-inhabitants of this world long before genesis beginning millions of years ago.  the creation of this earth did not really happen in six days.  The REcreation of this earth did.  The bible spells this out very clearly but many fail to see it.  The "god" or leader appointed over this world at that time was Satan... obviously not really a god but I use that word to show how he was identified in the old testament. (long story)... but moving on...

When the world was destroyed by a great flood (not Noah's flood) the inhabitants died [other than a good many of them who went on to populate other planets].  so you might see where I am going with this....  they are the same. Some are deceased while others still live but it is not really just a question of spiritual and other-worldly anymore.  Where mankind has advanced in only a few thousand years, these minions had MILLIONS of years to do so.  they  live not just on other planets, or in the spiritual realm of this and other worlds... they also travel within and without those spiritual realms in physical form as well (aka: the ability to alter their energy vibrations in order to flow from one dimension to the other) ...a dimension being defined as a wavelength of light, sound and energy.  The same way that light can only be seen by the human eyes on certain wavelengths.. physical objects can only be seen and felt on ceertain wavelengths as well.  Altering those with millions of years of learned technology will give you the ability to travel into dimensions that we dont even know exists yet.

So to answer your question... they are demons (physical), demons (spiritual) and demons (aliens - otherworldly) and even hybrid (meaning they are among us living with us).  


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