i already asked two questions to earth sister...and it led to more questions...she wrote that my memories of meetings with  ufos where probebly true and that i probebly dont remember everything and that i might already be working with ufos without even knowing it...so i wonder in what way or how...do they watch me or speek only when i sleep...? if i want to have a kind of contakt that i do remember...how do i get this possibly... i wish for them to reenter my life now when im old enough to handle it...i think... in a second question earth sister said that they do not interfear in our conflikts on earth...does this mean they wont save us if the world is coming to an end? then whats the point for them to be here and whats the point of having a contakt with me if i dont remember it??? this are perhaps all stupid questions...but i ask them anyway since i find this all very interesting and i searched for answears all my life since my first experience... sincearlly...have a nice week. thank you...
and finally...is there an alien race that calls themselfes rio like the city name rio?

I haven't heard of an alien group named "Rio" like the city.  However, let's face it, the Universe is very large!  There are probably many groups with many names out there!  Remember, even most scientists think somewhere (even MANY somewheres) there is life out there.

I would say, perhaps aliens have the some uncertainties and questions that we do.  What is life about?  Why are there here?  I think if aliens are like humans, they are very curious, and it could be simply curiosity that brings them here.  Why did we go to the moon?  Simply that we wanted to know what was there.  

I'm not sure even aliens can save us from the end of the world.  Comets, volcanoes, global warming, these are all things that can perhaps cause the end of the world. There is a theory that the reason aliens are travelling around is that their own planet (planets) have been destroyed.  People that are fearful worry aliens will land here and want to live on our planet, but that is simply science fiction.  Let's face it, if aliens have the power to come to Earth, they probably could easily take over the Earth and move in!

I think, you should keep living your life as you have. One thing that would bring you closer to any aliens, is to get as much education as you can.  You have to remember, any aliens capable of coming here are smart.  Very smart.  Study science, math and most importantly astronomy.  Maybe the aliens are waiting to be in closer contact when you are more able to understand them.  Where they are from, how they got here, things like that.  If you are supposed to help teach others, you need to be able to understand science and be as educated as possible.  Read, read and read some more.  Especially about the universe.  If you want some good books to start with Jennifer Ouilette has some great beginner physics books ... please order or go to your library!


It's a wonderful first step.  

We often think aliens are perfect and have the answer to everything.  Maybe the aliens visit (if they do) to learn from us.  Maybe they need us to help save them, or teach them something they lost long ago.  

My advice, make yourself as smart and ready for the aliens when they are ready to communicate.  They may be waiting for you, as much as you are waiting for them.  Good luck and please contact me anytime.  Enjoy the journey!


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