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Hi Earth sister, me again! Here are my series of questions-

1)You have said that aliens avoid human contact altogether and never appear accidentally. When I asked you about some 'close encounter of the third kind' cases you said that most were made up. Can you give a list of major CE-3 cases that as per your opinion are genuine?

2) In some of the CE-3 cases the space brothers seem to wear a space suit of some sort, covered in helmets and overalls. Others don't need helmets and seem to be able to breathe in the Earth's air with no problems at all. Is this because some of our space entities can breathe the earth's air easily while others cannot?

3) When I read about a UFO case or see a UFO related video on the net or you-tube how can I be sure which one is authentic and which one is fake? any tips?

4)Why are there much lesser UFO reports in India than anywhere else in the world? Is this because it is a very populated country? Have your space friends visited Kerala, the southern Indian state? (This is where I live).

5)If I request for a UFO/CE-3 encounter could you pass on that request to our space brothers with your recommendation? PLEASE?

6) What is your opinion of the 'chupacabra' or a blood sucking unknown being sighted in Brazil? People there say it is some kind of an 'alien' but I don't think so! Looks like an unexplained earthly creature. Similarly what are your views on 'cryptids'(unexplained animals) like sea monsters/lake monsters and similar paranormal entities reported? Are some of them 'alien'?

7) Why are there so many sexual crimes on earth? I don't think that this problem exists on evolved worlds. Why is the average earth male so sexually frustrated that he has to commit crimes like rapes on females to satisfy himself and then finds himself ending up in jails! Is this because of unnecessary sexual conservatism? on other worlds can a male easily mate with any female he desires with her consent without 'marriage'? Is causal sex permitted in evolved societies? or is it considered a 'sin' just like on earth?

8)These days there are some UFOs which appear 'organic' like an amoeba or a living being which changes shape. Are these crafts some kind of extra-terrestrial entities? If not, what are they?

9) When a craft arrives on earth from a nearby civilization, how many 'earth days' does it take to reach here? How are the crafts able to enter the earth's atmosphere without being detected by radar? Once in the earth's atmosphere where do these crafts land themselves while the space brothers go on their mission? Any bases?

10) Has there been any case of an alien craft accidentally colliding with an aircraft killing both the aircraft pilot and the 'aliens' instantly? Can you cite me one such event?

11) What has happened to crashed UFOs and alien bodies recovered? Are they still in Government possession or have they all decayed?

Regards. Whew!

Rahul K Jaiswar.

Hi, Rahul. Thank you for your questions. I will answer in a short way because there are so many. From now on please just ask a few. You can find greater depth to these answers in my past posts on this site.

1. The aliens are particular with the humans they try to make contact with while avoiding detection by other humans.

Here are three authentic media cases: The Betty and Barney Hill case was real. Whitley Streiber told the truth, at least at first. The Travis Walton case was real but sensationalized by Hollywood against the aliens. There are more true media cases not coming to me right now, but there are many thousands more cases that are kept private.

2. When you hear the stories, things "seem" to be a certain way because that is how the stories are told to you. No alien race can breathe Earth's air. By technology and natural abilities, the aliens can accomplish presence here, and they can also produce the effect of their physical presence here.

3. If you assume they are all fake, you will be highly accurate.

4. I don't know why there are less UFO reports in India. I don't know specifically where all else the alien races visit on Earth. I don't know anything specific about Kerala.

5. You either have alien contact or you don't. If you don't have it, you can't make it happen. If you do have it, you can demonstrate your willingness to your alien friends by how you act and react in daily life. If things are meant to happen, they will. If the things you do with alien life are sensitive #top secret#, you may not be able to ever learn about them at all. There is nothing I can say or to do make you have alien contact.

6. There are no alien creatures of any kind living on Earth.

7. Rape is not due to lack or love of sex. Rape is a perverted crime of violence with sex as a weapon.

The human race created the concept of sin for itself originally via just a few humans. It's been expanded upon a few times since.

All worlds of people are males and females and all have sex for pleasure and baby making. Advanced worlds do not have anything like the violence we have on Earth in any form. There is no universal law for sex or marriage, but advanced worlds of people value family and loyalty.

8. It is my understanding that alien crafts are not alive, but some may be created with organic materials.

9. It takes an average of two weeks for the races visiting Earth to get here from their own worlds. They are often detected by radar, but only if the aliens let them be detected. The aliens don't land their crafts on Earth in order to visit humans. The aliens don't have any bases on Earth.

10. Not that I know of.

11. Probably both.


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