QUESTION: hello someone told me that im a sirian star seed .. i dont know about the term so i googled it the characteristics and the symptoms make sense to me really,like seeing repitition numbers everywhere serve as a dna activation and so on. but i dont have abilities still like "clair", the weird things happening to me is i see some stars that are going in different direction then stopped there, its like they change pisition briskly and in my early age i have seen a light in the sky like a light of a falling star but going in a straight direction not downward. ..but i dont know how to confirm if Im really one of it. =)

ANSWER: Hi, my guess is that our limited human intelligence cannot fully understand what's going on in the universe. It's possible that souls might connect with all sorts of beings on planes, places and dimensions--but these souls, themselves, are not necessarily the other beings they connect with.

After many years of thinking about this, this is how I tend to view it. I think some people might jump to thinking they really ARE those star seed people when in reality, they're compensating for unresolved psychological pain (sort of an inferiority/superiority complex type thing).*

As for the things you mention about the night sky, when I was reading your words, natural explanations did come to mind--e.g. satellites, planes, weather balloons.

Again, this is not to squash the idea of beings beyond the Earth. But are human beings them? Or can some sensitives just connect with them. That's the question, IMHO.


* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compensation_%28psychology%29

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QUESTION: hello mark thanks for the reading =)what i saw,they are also shining bright as a star, yeah i hope it was also a satellite, not crafts =), i become open minded after i joined some sites about it. Its weird, the characteristics and symptoms happening to me now is the same., but i take the consideration of inferiority complex i think i have that..

Hi Lina, I didn't mean you specifically. I believe we all have stuff to work through. It's just that some people seem to bypass it and claim to be holy rulers, reincarnated Cleopatras, Star-men... whatever.

I also think it's possible that some of these otherworldly influences could prey on psychological vulnerabilities. This would help to explain a lot of false beliefs and, perhaps, insanity without having to rely too heavily on sometimes quasi scientific ideas like "chemical imbalance" and "genetic predisposition."

Having said all that. I have not seen an ET or UFO but I do believe they could exist. I just think it's important to keep a perspective on paranormal phenomena and not get caught up in this or that theory.  


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Human beings almost always interpret reality. Even with so-called paranormal or spiritual experiences, an interpretive process usually follows.

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Well, no I haven't been on a space ship and I have not seen an ET. But I've been interested in the idea for a long time.

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