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Hello Mr John,

 My ex boyfriend is clairvoyant and when he first saw me he couldn't see my face because he told me that my body was shining! It was the first time he saw someone shining. We are still friends and he say that sometimes he sees a white glow coming out of my body. It doesn't look like an aura, it is pure white, and it has ''stripes'' pointing away of my body. I was always interested about spirituality, I know that it's not normal to glow and not having a beautiful colourful aura, but I wasn't scared and started searching.
 I found out that when an angel is with us, it appears as a white glow around our bodies, but the glow my friend sees is coming of my body. I read that star people have auras with stripes pointing away from their bodies, but they also have all the colours of the rainbow. Someone gave me a book about angels, and I read about incarnated souls from other dimension. I also asked many spiritual people, but nobody knew the answer.

More information about the white glow:  

1) He says that the stripes are not very clear but they exist. The distance between the stripes is the same, but he can't understand if they have the same length. The light creates a prolate shape and its energy is harmonic. He couldn't see everything in detail because the light was very bright, but he could see that the light flickers in my aura's edges.

2) He couldn't see if it was coming from a specific part of my body, but he said that it was brighter in the centre of my body. He also said that when he was coming closer to my body and my chakras, the density of the light was lighter, so he couldn't see if it was coming from a specific source.

3) As we spend more time together he started to see the ''human'' side of me and he didn't observe any light. On our first date was the brightest glow he saw on me. He said that he has to watch carefully to see the glow again.          

4) It has a movement. It's like a pulse beating steadily, like a vibration, but this vibration movement can also change its beat. He said that it may have to do with my heart beats, because when I was walking the pulse was proportional to my stride. There was a harmonious movement between those two. The movement was like a light pulse that was getting bigger and bigger from the inside to the outside almost like an explosion. Like a flash of light. He also said that the brightness of the light is just like when we turn on and off the light in a completely dark room.

5) My blood type is O+

He describes the light as very clean like pure water, very bright, harmonic with oval shape and he says that is very similar with the glow of Yvaine in the movie ''Stardust''. A few days ago the woman who gave me the book about the angels asked me to come to her house, and without knowing anything about what my friend sees, she said that she can feel that I'm an energetic being with vibes of pure Love and respect of all beings.

I really hope I helped! Feel free to ask me anything you need to know.  

Sorry for my English, is not my first language.

Love and Light to You. Thank You for your time.

I apologize for the delay.

When reading the following, please take into consideration that if I had to put an estimate on how sure I am about this, I would give it 90%.  Never stop seeking truth until you are 100% sure for yourself.  But I hope that this will guide you into the right direction.  Normally, I'd never give such a high estimate of 90% but you and I have some similarities that make this a bit easier for me to be sure about and therefore, I can use some of my own experience in order to come to a more accurate conclusion.

There are several things that need to be considered when assessing this, so rather than going through them in such detail, I will just get to the point.  If you would like me to go into any great detail about any part of this in particular, feel free to ask.  But for the time being, I will just get to the final assessment that you are waiting for.

FIRST:  The blackness of the stripes is an illusion against the brightness of the white light.  They are not black but rather “gaps” in light in itself that just appear black in contrast.  The stripes mean nothing in particular but are prone to going away altogether during spiritual moments of enlightenment (no pun intended).  This is normal.


You are a direct descendant of Seth (the third child of the "Adam and Eve" lineage).  Everyone is a descendant of either Cain or Seth but yours goes into a bit more detail.  Unlike the majority of people in this world, the blood type 0 is an indication that your not from a tainted blood line.  Meaning that your ancestry has not yet mingled with the descendants of Cain.  However, since your an 0+ (instead of an 0-), your blood line is not a pure-blood.  How this happens, I am not sure.  I have my suspicions but will leave out mere speculations.  

A person's Aura (essence of the internal soul) is often illuminated by water (or our blood) and is why your aura is seen pulsating with your heartbeat.  An example of this is seen in the bible in Genesis 4:10, Genesis 9:4, etc.  the purity of your blood will enhance you aura making it much brighter.  But not bright enough to accommodate what your boyfriend claims to see.  Which is why I also made the next assessment based on a few other things you mentioned.

You have multiple spirit guides.  This is not unusual but is rare.  I would guess about 20 or more.  The only way to be for certain about this is to visit someone who sees spirit guides to confirm it but I am 90% sure of this myself.  I also know this to be possible, because I have 20+ as well.

20+ spirit guides (multiple guides) means that you do have an important (an possibly unusual) mission in life.  I can not answer as to what that is but I do recommend you meditate on this every night.  If you don't know how, you should learn to meditate.  I would discover what this mission is... or what your purpose is.

If I had to guess:

If I had to take an educated guess on your mission, it would be to minister (and I don't mean like a preacher either.  More how there is a relationship behind science and religion).  The reason is because of your nature.  You have an uncanny ability to be persuasive and influence people who are in contact with you.  People naturally trust you and you appeal to them in some way.  You probably have a natural interest in things having to do with light such as the science of it, celestial or macrocosmic physics or philosophy.  If not, you should be.  You'd be great at it.  

If you would like clarification of anything or further information, please do not hesitate to ask.  And remember, I am never 100% certain of anything while communicating over the Internet.  I'm pretty sure I'm close enough on this one.

EDIT: CORRECTION: I meant micro-cosmic (not Macro-Cosmic)


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