Hi Barbara,

I want to know about the language of aliens. How they can communicate or we can communicate with them? Could you please introduce to me some references on communication with aliens? I want to know about the nature of this language or form of communication.

Thanks a universe.



I want to first say, I love your name.  It's very uncommon here in the US, but one of my favorites.

The problem is that alien communication, well which aliens?  If you look online, there are way too many different types of spaceships and encounters.  Does is make sense if we are being visited by aliens, it's just from one planet?  Or that every alien on that planet speaks the same language?  Even the Earth does not have just one space program!

Now, I've found most people that claim to have communicated with aliens (I am guessing you mean language here) have most recently claimed to have done so with psychic communication.  I would reference you to Betty and Barney Hill (1961) and after.

If you mean how do we "call" aliens, please I can not emphasis enough to avoid anything by Dr.Stephen Greer.  He "calls" aliens for a very expensive fee if you want to learn from him how to do it or be part of his group, using high powered flashlights.  There is a chapter about him in the book "Apocalypse Pretty Soon" by Alex Heard (http://www.amazon.com/Apocalypse-Pretty-Soon-Travels-End-Time/dp/0385498527/ref=)  that shows how he's really into it just for money making.  The worst part is that he also seems to be reaching a level of paranoia or showmanship where he is showing up at conferences with armed guards!  I can not attend anymore UFO conferences if he is there, as I am afraid of his armed private army.  Someone will get hurt.  


So please, if you want to buy a high power flashlight, the book tells how Greer does his bit.

Also it would be good to check out the work of SETI, they got the "WOW" signal, and that is something scientists still debate.  The thought is it could have been a passing spaceship.  You can even help SETI by running their programs on your computer.



I have to honestly say, communicating with aliens, I haven't myself.  Everyone I talk to that thinks they do, does so with telepathy of some sort.  If we can't travel across our world and communicate, how can we communicate with a being from another planet?  


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