I have a really good question for you and maybe you can help me out here....

Alright, so me and my wife were getting ready for bed, we had washed up and we started to smell an intense smell of cinammon in the bedroom.  It almost smelled like someone was burning it in our room!

To make a long story short.......the next thing I know was that me and my wife were facing each other on the bed....we were laying down but had one of our hands holding up our head like if you were relaxing.  Well, we somehow ended up facing each other and it seemed like we had just woken up.  It was one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me.  My wife then asked "what heppened".  This might be out of your area of expertise, but doesn't this thing happen to people that have sighting experiences?

This is a great question!  Smell is really tied in to our brains, that's a rather simple way of saying that smells can mean a lot of things!  Many people with epilepsy often smell something, cinnamon is one of the more common smells reported, before having a seizure.  It's helpful (my own cousin smells chili) in predicting attacks.

I would say from all the reports I've had, awakening relaxed would be the last thing you would feel after an alien abduction experience.  This is based on reports I've had from alien experiencers (this is the word they like to use to describe themselves).  The usual feeling is one of "something bad happened".  At the very least, it means your experience differs from the usual report (in a very good way!).

I will say that couples, close friends, twins and siblings often report having the same experiences.  It can be a folie a duex, where 2 people can share an odd or weird experience (but it true or not, I try to be open minded), the most famous being that of Betty and Barney Hill.  People that are very close can influence each other, so having this shared experience, whatever it is, means you two are probably happily married!

Reports often include a similarity of feeling and even small details.  If you are both close, one of you could say "I smell cinnamon" and the other might also start to smell it.  This doesn't mean there wasn't cinnamon to smell though!  I'm trying to give you "both sides" here of something which is a real mystery!  

My suggestion is that you keep track if this happens again, noting time, date, anything odd you saw before going to bed, anything odd when you woke up, and don't forget smells.

My number one suggestions, DO NOT GO TO A HYPNOTIST to "recover" the memory.  There are so few truly good therapists trained in hypnosis, and far too much danger of implanted memories. Even Betty Hill's niece, Kathy Marden (herself a very pro UFO believer) advises against the dangers of people that claim they will help you recover your "lost memory".  Implanted memories, based not on what happened but on what you have picked up from the media, movies, books, TV, can cause real problems.  If you are happy, and it's just "that was different", I would say just I would love to hear any new details that may come to you over time, and please any more incidents like this.

But UFO believers and skeptics alike, know unless this is a problem, it is best left as a mystery.  The UFO community has really come around to this belief knowing the damage that was done to so many that had just some "missing time".  

I'm actually off to view the secret Betty Hill viewing site in New Hampshire tomorrow night, and if I smell cinnamon, I'm going to think of you! (I will let you know!)  A group of us are going to measure and collect photographs and video of the site.  Betty has a journal filled with all her sightings at the area, and only recently has the site been shared.  Cinnamon is now in my files, and I hope your nights continue to be relaxing and not too mysterious!  Thank you for sharing and wish I could help more.  


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