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Hi Mark,

It's been several years since I've started searching who I am (reincarnation) and there are at least 2 parts of me. I am going to talk about only the ET related, since that's the topic.

I've always been a person that likes TOO many things, and sometimes those things have no other connection than a spiritual and a cultural. When I was a kid, I loved ancient cultures, mythology and astronomy, storytelling, and I loved UFOs. I've been drawing some aliens that I've never seen in real life since the age of 12. I was also a pretty strange child that wasn't quite accepted by society - backed laid, artist, writer... recently I found the book Beyond the Light Barrier and I've been waiting for it for 15 years (since I was a kid) to read it... I realized that the right thing to do is to contact the ETs in my mind, or some other ETs, but the point is... how do I do that? How long will it take? How will my messages reach them? Will my messages reach to the people I desire? I would appreciate some positive advice and techniques.

We may chat more (for questions) if you are interested. I do have some ET traits, not all of them, but a good amount of them.

Okay, my feeling is that if ETs exist do connect with some people - psychically that is - that it would just happen if and when it was meant to happen. I think some folks might be more sensitive to this kind of thing. I have met at least one other person, in person, who believed she was in touch with ETs this way. And I must admit, that when I looked at her sometimes, she did have a mean tyro.

This lady was also pretty good at, not so much foretelling the future, but sort of knowing how some things could work out. I mean, she seemed to have advanced gut instincts. She did make mistakes, though. And I think we all can fall into this. So I suggest just staying open to the possibility. If you ever do feel anything weird and seemingly alien, remember not to identify with it. I believe that is important.

I hope this helps.


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Human beings almost always interpret reality. Even with so-called paranormal or spiritual experiences, an interpretive process usually follows.

With this in mind, I'm interested in how the alleged experience of UFOs and Aliens affects human beings.

I'm not a debunker of UFOs and Aliens nor a blind believer. If you're looking for statistics, a verification or refutation of popular cases in the media or historical answers, please ask another expert. But if you're seeking a psychological, cultural and spiritual analysis of the belief in UFOs and Aliens, I can most likely be of assistance.


Well, no I haven't been on a space ship and I have not seen an ET. But I've been interested in the idea for a long time.

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