1)When people think about aliens, there is always the assumption that they're very technologically advanced beings. Are there any races out there that are less advanced than we are? Like when we were in Antiquity or Middle Ages...
2)Is time travel possible? Do some aliens have this kind of technology?
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1.  There is a discovery gap that prevents people from answering that question accurately.  But the ssumption is that there would have to be millions (if not billions or more) alien races that are in their early stages of development.  There would also have to be many who have long existed and become extinct by now as well.  By "discovery gap", I am referring to the fact that we can only know about those that we have discovered.  And since we can not travel to distant stars yet (or so they claim), then we are only privy to those that come to us.  And if 'they' come to us, then the only ones we meet are the ones that are obviously more advanced.  Someday, when we are capable of traveling and discovering aliens of our own, we can meet up with some more unsivilized ones and even do some anal probing of our own.  lol  (sorry, couldn't help but throw that in there.)

2.  Since the discovery of neutrinos, Time travel has already been proven to be possible.  However, what is not proven, is whether something larger than an atom can travel through time.  So the real question is simply "will we ever have the technology to time travel?".  In order to answer this question, I would have to make bold statements that can not yet be proven (not proven without political involvment, anyway).  So I will simply say, yes it is "probable"... This makes it "possible"... but there are many additional paradoxes that most of the scientific community has not yet mentally perpetuated in order to make this a reality.  Some alien species, on the other hand, have.  Fortunately, these are benign species that are intelligent enough to know that this should always remain a closely guarded secret.


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