This question is about two personal experiences:

Experience 1

Age: 20
Lake Tahoe area of California (south west a little, about an hour)

I woke up in the middle of the night (around 3 AM, I could see the clock) and thought I'd get up to have water. I tried to move, but I couldn't. That had happened to be before, I wasn't terribly shocked. But, a light blue/silver/white electric glowing light quickly surrounded me, and I tried to move again to wake up the person I was sleeping next to, but as I could only move my eyes, I saw that they were encased in a solid white light and knew they wouldn't wake up.
I still couldn't move, and in front of me about seven feet off the ground, I saw a black kind of line form about four feet wide. It opened further, and a creature came out of it that was very tall (at least 6 feet) and was solid black as far as I could tell. It had very long limbs, and a smaller torso, and I remember it's fingers in particular being incredibly long. I was extremely intimidated and afraid of its presence, because somehow I knew it had an intelligence and power level far above anything here. I thought in my head "Please God help me, I'm afraid of the scary thing in front of me" and when I thought that, the thing laughed at me, and said "do not be afraid". It sounded almost like it was mocking me still. The sound of it's words had a metallic echo to them like it was not directly in front of me, although it was. It sounded like it was traveling from a much farther distance through sound filters, but what it said was very clear.
The thing was at my feet as I lay there still bound immobile by the light. It crawled on all fours, until its head was about the level of my abdomen, and it put it's hand just over where my heart is and stretched its fingers long enough to cover up to my head. I couldn't feel anything. As it pulled its hand upwards away from my body, this complex web was drawn out of my body, and I understood completely that it was a sample of my DNA, life patterns, and other aspects of my self that it was taking to keep record of and also track. It didn't say this out loud but it told me in my head.

I really need clarification and insight on this, please. I don't tell anyone about it, except for a few people. I want to know what it was, and why that happened, and what it means for me.

Experience 2

Age 25
Same Area, within a few miles.

I had fallen asleep, and half woke up around midnight. Again I couldn't move. My eyes were closed, but I could see the room I was sleeping in in black and white. A very small (about three feet tall) kind of man was there (I could tell it was male) and he was grey with a large head. I wasn't afraid of him like the first one from a few years ago. He said he would like me to go with him to show me something really important. I agreed, and the room we had been in changed into almost a void, but there was a mass documentation of information and visuals existing in this new space. I could see earth in the background. There were other little creatures like him there, maybe a dozen or so. Didn't pay too much attention to me. The one who had brought me there was showing me all the souls to be born on earth, that are currently residing in the bodies of the females here on the planet. I was amazed. He asked if I wanted to see mine, and I declined.  I decided to leave.

Again, I really need clarification on what the creature was, and what it all means.

Thank you,

Well Joanna those are both very frightening experiences.  The problem is, they happen when you are asleep, or at night.  This is very common, but causes problems for just WHY and WHAT this means.  First off, relax, as horrible as the experiences are, no one (no note even Travis Walton, who even the most die hard UFO believer now believes is at the very least faking much of his story) does disappear or suffer anything other than a bad memory (as you have!).

No one is sure if this DNA or abduction thing is real.  Remember, we didn't know much about DNA and people had these experiences, so we all put our own knowledge into the experience.  You don't really know what they were taking or collecting or anything.  The one thing we know, we don't know much about whatever these aliens are if they exist.  Some people claim they are robots, we can't imagine what a robot another planet would make would be like, and many thing only robots could take the long voyages through space.  

The important thing is the second experience seems more like what I hear most often.  Despite the scary TV shows and movies, most people have a really interesting interaction and feel positive that someone or somethings are keeping an eye on us.  That is very comforting, so I hope any future experiences you have will be like this.  

Next, no one can say if this really happened or not but you.  But if you do share with people know there are not very nice people out there that will offer to hypnotize you and also exploit you.  UFO conferences currently have one man that offers to look for implants.  I can't tell you his name, but please please do not go to him.  He's being investigated by the FBI.  I try to tell everyone this, as he's been accused of touching women in a manner that he claims is with their permission, but several have complained afterward.  We're working with the UFO conferences on this matter now.  You have to really decide what this means to you.  Don't let other people tell you, and especially charge you, to help you with this.

Many people claim to remember these sorts of encounters after starting  sleep medications, such as Ambien.  If you see "lucid dreaming" on the bottle as a side effect, that's a sign you might be remembering these vivid encounters.  This does not mean your encounter is real or not real, but it does mean you should talk with your regular doctor if these encounters recur often.  It could mean a medication needs to be changed, or even a medication added.  I fully believe you will suffer no harm from these encounters, indeed many people find them signs of being included in something very interesting and wonderful.  

The important thing is, you won't be hurt (no one has), avoid being exploited, most people that do have these experiences are very nice and have much empathy.  You are most likely a very caring person.  Really mean people don't seem to have these experiences!  

Also, if you worry too much or it becomes the focus of your life, always feel free to talk to your physician. Because this can be sign of PTSD. Too often people are "I can't talk to my regular doctor about this!" Well, yes you can if you feel it is a problem  It's far more common than you think, and your doctor has heard it before.  You will, like anyone with PTSD have to get  your regular check up, and a going over of your medications.  But, also, you've had some experiences there!  If this happened to anyone else, say they were kidnapped, you wouldn't hesitate to suggest they talk to their doctor if they feel resulting stress.  I always try to stress, just because it's "aliens" doesn't mean it wasn't an event that can cause real distress.

So, this has been reported again and again.  People will try to exploit your experience for gain, so be careful who you talk to about it.  Also, only you can decide if it's real or not, but remember to relax.  Only nice people seem to have this happen, and no one is ever hurt.  If it' happens to interfere with your life, you have a 100% right to get help. You don't have to prove if it's "true" or not to ask for help.  If this was stressful, it was stress!

I can't really say what it means.  Unlike reality shows on tv, most paranormal investigators try to say "We don't know yet".  We can't say what it means, until we know. But we do seem to know, no one is hurt and people can find it a very positive experience.  Also, lots of people that have not found it positive have found help from their physicians, but their real physicians.  So be careful!  It's not the aliens  you have to worry about.  Feel lucky if you can, because it sounds like you've seen things most of us never will.  I hope this helps.  


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