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QUESTION: Hello. I am very new to this subject, but recently I had a reoccurring dream for 3 days in a row, and now I need help and answers. Of all the dreams I've ever had, this was the most clear and vivid one I've ever had. I'm able to recall every detail, even a week later.


I'm on what I assume is an alien spacecraft, and I get the feeling I've been there for a while, but I can only remember the very end of my visit. I'm in a room made completely of clear windows, even the floor and ceiling. Below I see earth, above stars. I'm sitting on a stool, and the room is dark, except a thin light revealing 5 aliens in another dark room, beyond one of the windows. They try talking to me, but I don't understand. When they talk they don't move their lips like we do. They hold their mouths open, and sound comes out. Like the only reason they need to open their mouths, is to let the sound out. When they talk, and only when they talk, something in their upper chest, close to the base of the throat, lights up, and then spreads through the chest like a vein system, and then quickly fades. Each alien has a different color light. It's beautiful. I keep asking them what they want from me. Finally, I can understand something. They tell me, "Open your eyes. We want you to see." Then I start waking up. The last thing I see, before I wake up is, in the room with the 5 aliens, is hundreds if not thousands of their voices light up from many many aliens. When I wake up the time is always 3:03am.

Now I don't know if 3:03 is important, or 3:00am is, because my clock is 3 minutes fast. Or maybe I was just supposed to just see 303, like the number 303 is important. I thought it could have been a date; Today's date. 3/03. However, nothing special has happened yet. Please! Any information would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: Due to what I know about this topic, normally I would have simply chalked this one up as a dream and nothing more.  However, there a few details that concern me as to whether this has a bit more to it.  

First of all, 3am is what most refer to as the "evil hour".  Fortunately this is incorrect.  In actuality, 3am is what I refer to as 0 hour (or the holy hour) since it essentially follows [and ends] the hours of the night where most often people die or experience strange phenomena.  3am was often referred to as the evil hour because most people awaken around that time.  It often occurs at one of three specific times in order to allow this moment to be marked as something other than a coincidence.  These times are 3:00, 3:03 and 3:33.  Therefore it wouldn't matter if your clock was 3 minutes dast or not.

Outside of human consciousness, dreams occur in a parallel realm (the 2nd or 4th dimention) which is why we get unrealistic and realistic dreams.  Unrealistic dreams occur in the 2nd dimension (strange things that normally can't happen such as being in one place and then instantly realizing that you are somewhere else altogether).  The 4th dimension provides extrasensory abilties such as seeing through walls (despite them appearing invisible) or seeing colors that do not normally exist in the third dimension.  There are many other explanations to these as well but they are unrelavent a the moment.

What's important to note is that dreams are not just dreams.  What I mean is that everything "experienced" is experienced regardless of what it is.  Just because you experience something that none others can (such as a dream) does not make it "not real".  It is only defined as such because it appeared to occur outside of the third dimensions where non others can partake in it's existence.  The effects of a dream only effect someone mentally and not physically except in certain "placebo effects".  But regardless of how you define dreams, all dream and physcial reality are "real" in the FIRST dimension (the collective consciousness).

So the dream you had (apparently in the 4th dimension)is a real occurence.

I beleive that there is much to this dream but the primary message is to signal you to the realization that something else exists.  But the details of which are so hard to beleive that the only plausible way to get you to beleive it is to first take an active interest into seeking the answers for yourself.  It's often why people report such instance as a vague attempt to coherse them into just seeing ...rather than them coming out and telling you everything.  

Unfortunately, I can not tell you whether these being are evil or benign because I don't have enough information and you didn't describe them or your surrounding in enough details.  If you can do that in a follow up question I can probably help with that.  Also describe what you felt mentally and physcially, your age, your general location (your physical location now I mean), and as much details about the dreams's surroundings as possible. Also let me know what your belief system is and if you remember experiencing any paranormal events in your past.  This would help me to be more accurate in my answers.

The only thing I do know for a fact is that your experiences are real outside of this 3rd dimension (because all experiences are) and that this drema was a bit more than a simple random firing of neurons in the brain.  If it weren't for certain details, I would have chalked it up as simple the creative imagination being manifested in a peronal space in the 4th dimension that was completely on your own terms.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much for getting back to me, especially so quickly.

First: Yes about other paranormal experiences. I've had several other kinds before. I won't bore you with all of them, and frankly most have been harmless and disregarded. However others were not. One notable occurrence, I was in my back yard late at night trying to get the dog inside, but she wouldn't come when I called. So I went out there and in the ally between my house and the neighbor's house I saw a creature. Honestly it looked like what most people call the chupacabra. However I don't believe such a thing exists. I believe it was a demon or the like. It saw me and slowly approached me until it hit the fence and stopped. I remember looking into it's eyes and feeling a fear I had never experienced before then or since then. I wanted to run, but instead found myself walking towards it, still in eye contact, and the thing..smiled. Suddenly it's gaze shifted to something behind me and it looked spooked. It ran off at an amazing speed on two legs, then there was a bright white light and I blacked out. I woke up on the ground with my dog laying on me. Another interesting occurrence happened when I was 12. It was another dream scenario. I had a dream, where I saw a young man hang himself in a kitchen. The kitchen had light yellow walls, and white appliances, a wheeling island with a butcher's block on it. The man had been standing on it and kicked it out from under himself. He was dressed in black jeans, black and white converse shoes, and a black Gun's N' Roses t-shirt. The man had brown hair and green eyes. I remember how bright they looked before he hung himself, and then how dull they were when it was over. About a week later, news spread through the school that the principal's son had hung himself. In the news article that people were passing around they mentioned that he had been wearing all black. "as if he dressed for his own funeral." Later that week in memorial the school gathered in the gym. While there, they announced they were going to play his favorite song. Then they played "Sweet Child of Mine" by Gun's N' Roses. I hadn't had a dream like that before then.

Second: In my Alien dream, I wasn't scared per say, but I definitely wasn't at ease either. Nothing bad happened, but I was very wary and concerned, Like a stray dog that has been taken in and somebody offers it food. It wants the food, very much so, but isn't quite sure it can trust the hand that holds it. Physically, I didn't receive a whole lot of stimuli. I remember being a little cold and reaching for a sweatshirt I thought was there, but it wasn't. The aliens themselves looked like the quintessential alien that everybody describes. The gray-ish body, long arms, giant black eyes. Except the ones in my dream didn't have nearly as large eyes. Bigger than human eyes, but they didn't practically take up the whole face like most people describe or like mirrored sunglasses like I also often see. These were very real eyes. One of them had grayer duller eyes. I don't know why, but while the other Aliens would turn and look at each other to talk, this one never tuned away from me. They were wearing clothing. All of them were in a dark blue suit, but it exposed the upper chest, and collarbone/throat area. The suit contoured to their bodies. I can't give any other details about the room, other than it was all clear like it was made of glass, but probably wasn't. It was like an observation room.

Third: About me, I'm 24. I have an identical twin sister. I live in mid-Michigan. Despite my dreams, and other experiences, I don't believe that I'm psychic or anything like that. I believe that there could be people who are though, but I also think most who claim to have this ability are scam artists. I believe that there is a God of sorts, but I believe that the bible is mostly garbage. I'm sure that even if it were dictated by God and/or Jesus, it was written by man and therefore it would be very easy, even tempting to put your own personal and worldly ideas and views in it. I like to believe I'm open minded, but I do take things with a grain of salt. I think it would be naive of me to be any way else. I will say before my dreams, I didn't really give aliens much thought. They were never apart of my world before, but I never thought that people who believed in Aliens or claimed to be abducted were crazy or stupid. They were always just people who believed in different things than me. And that was ok.

I hope this information helps, and thank you again for taking time to help me sort this out.


Despite the fact that some may say you are experiencing alien abductions, I feel like (from the details you described to me) that yours is something altogether different.  Something a little more uncommon than simple abduction experiences.  And I have to apologize for taking a little longer in responding to you but I wanted to look into some older research just to make sure.

Similar to abduction cases, as a child, I think you were involved in something a little different.  If I am correct (and I can not be 100% sure), the creature you saw as a child {in which you referred to as a chupacabra} is what was once referred to a long time ago as “the black dog”.  Even though the creature does not really resemble a dog and is not always black, it got it's name originally from Sahih Muslim 'the book of prayers' book 004 #1032.  Whereas this black dog is often thought to be Satan himself in some spinoff sects, it is actually a hybrid creature that is used as a “scout” [for the lack of a better word].  They have more accurately been associated with the Hellhound { http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellhound } but Ill leave you that link rather than go into a lot of unnecessary details here.

Here is what they really are (and yet I am still not 100% sure what you saw because oyu simply referred to it as looking like the chupacabra ...even though there have been many versions of it's appearance)...

The chupacabra, as I mentioned, is a hybrid scoutmaster that is created for the purpose of locating people who carry the bloodline of Seth.  It is this bloodline that has the most creative control when it comes ot the manifestation of reality through thought.  

Read more about how thought manifests reality as proven in experiments such as the Youngs double slit experiment for information on this if you are unaware of what I mean... {This video will help... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc and then http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0v-cvvyc-M }

In Genesis, (Holy Bible KJV) the trees were races.  The fruit were the people and the seeds were the offspring (just as every other part of the bible illustrates)  Cane, (the offspring of Satan) slew Abel (the offspring of Adam) just as Jehovah said they would “Emnity between her seed and his seed”.

So Seth was born of Adam to replace Abel.  This bloodline of Able is now, over generations, mingled with the bloodline of Satan's seed but very few people still carry a purer form of this bloodline (or God given creative powers to instruct reality with thought).  It is why demons seek out to manipulate and mind control Humans (namely those of the Seth bloodline) so as to make “us” believe that these demons (alien visitors) are whoever they want us to believe they are... and to think of them as all powerful and stronger than mankind.  By manipulating us to thinking that, we bring reality to that over time ...especially as more and more of the Seth line gives thought to this.  

Secret organization of the government are well aware of this truth and try to hide knowledge of aliens from the people because such mass amount of fear and belief that they are so powerful only provides power to them.  Others do not know what dangers lurk by trying to expose this truth to people.  So right now, these beings are not as powerful as people really think they are... but their agenda is to seek out strong souls such as ours in order to manipulate you and use your own powers against you until which time they have gained enough power to regain control of a planet that was once assigned to Satan (Sataniel at the time) .prior to the re-creation of the earth in Genesis 1 (after the fall of Satan)

Those with the stronger bloodline are more susceptible to connecting to the collective consciousness (or rather the 1st dimension where all things unify) and is why you were able to experience a future suicide in a dream.

The most recent dream (as is in most cases) is because they are not strong enough to confront you (in your current belief system) in this physical 3rd dimensional realm.  So they, as weak as they really are can only communicate with you in part through dreams (which take place in the 2nd and 4th dimensions).  They are attempting to manipulate into opening your eyes so that you will start falling in with the rest of the paranoid conspiracy theorists out there that are spreading the belief system that is giving them their powers.  You were targeted to help spread that propaganda.

The best thing for you to do right now is to know the truth.  Know what they are trying to do and do not let them fool you into thinking that they have power over you.  Their agenda is to manipulate mankind into thinking this way and providing them with a godlike role over us.

Furthermore... the Grey (typical aliens with huge eyes) are not the real aliens behind all of this.  The real ones look just like you and I (so to speak).  The Greys are hybrid creatures used for this agenda.  They were once a real race but are a dying breed.  However, the one you saw with duller eyes is not a hybrid.  I'm guessing it is very old.  Their life span was approximately 1000 years just as ours was prior to the second flood (known as the flood of Moses).
Let it be known... we are prisoners in this word (3rd dimension).  If you really want to know what is going on... read the bible again.  But this time realize that there are actually more characters in the bible than you think.
Look at the capitalization in the king James version of the Bible.  

God (The true God and will not follow the word LORD.  Sometimes this does follow the word Lord or lord)
Lord (the true God)
LORD = Jehovah – God of war, God of Mischief
lord – just refer to any leader of a group or nation ...and could be referring to anyone at any point.  
Adam – First 3rd dimensional man with the soul of God
Satan = the physical manifestation of Jehovah
Devil – any one or more follower of Satan (the greys are one)
Jesus = the reincarnation of Adam (both are referred to as the Son of God)

Pay attention to what Jesus is really saying.  He says all of this himself on many occasions.  He came here to warn us of the fact that this world is taken control of by Jehovah (Who is NOT Satan as some people think.. but yet is manifestation of him in the 3rd dimension).

The Trinity
The Father = Adam
The Son = Jesus
The Holy Spirit = The true God

All are one in the same after the baptism (incarnation of the spirit)

Read it carefully and look up words in the Hebrew Greek lexicon and you find that you no longer have any questions about what is really happening in the world and the bible is no longer a mystery to you.  

Read only the KJV
Once you start... these beings will fear coming anywhere near you ...and you will grow much stronger that you think.  When you read... keep in mind that there is something far stranger than mere flying angels or here.  Also think about the descritpion give to the Laviathon... (Satan)... an exact description of a fire breathing dragon.  Ask yourself.... Is folklore really folklore?  Was the black dog "Hellhound" just folklore?  You will find truth.  I gauruntee it.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Often those of the Seth bloodline will have twin siblings.  They are in the act of recognizing themselves early in the womb... self awareness almost instantly after conception.  With no body for themselves.. they seek consciously outward and a copy of them is produced.  Why else do you think such a thing runs in the family?  And it is always referred to as inherited trait or in one's DNA.  As such is the bloodline.  Other bloodlines of seth (who do not become a twin) are often easy to spot by their blood types.  0- is the purest bloodtype of the line of seth that there is.


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