Hello. I am very new to this subject, but recently I had a reoccurring dream for 3 days in a row, and now I need help and answers. Of all the dreams I've ever had, this was the most clear and vivid one I've ever had. I'm able to recall every detail, even a week later.


I'm on what I assume is an alien spacecraft, and I get the feeling I've been there for a while, but I can only remember the very end of my visit. I'm in a room made completely of clear windows, even the floor and ceiling. Below I see earth, above stars. I'm sitting on a stool, and the room is dark, except a thin light revealing 5 aliens in another dark room, beyond one of the windows. They try talking to me, but I don't understand. When they talk they don't move their lips like we do. They hold their mouths open, and sound comes out. Like the only reason they need to open their mouths, is to let the sound out. When they talk, and only when they talk, something in their upper chest, close to the base of the throat, lights up, and then spreads through the chest like a vein system, and then quickly fades. Each alien has a different color light. It's beautiful. I keep asking them what they want from me. Finally, I can understand something. They tell me, "Open your eyes. We want you to see." Then I start waking up. The last thing I see, before I wake up is, in the room with the 5 aliens, is hundreds if not thousands of their voices light up from many many aliens. When I wake up the time is always 3:03am.

Now I don't know if 3:03 is important, or 3:00am is, because my clock is 3 minutes fast. Or maybe I was just supposed to just see 303, like the number 303 is important. I thought it could have been a date; Today's date. 3/03. However, nothing special has happened yet. Please! Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Chelsea, first off I hope you find these dreams puzzling more than frightening.  It should be noted, despite alien abductions dreams/reports no one has ever been hurt during their experience.  So, whatever is happening there is no danger to yourself!

It happens during the night, while you are asleep, so first like any good investigator (and you are doing that, investigating what the truth might be) you have to collect evidence.

How long have you been having this very lucid dream.  The term for such a dream as you are having is "lucid".  It's so different than your other dreams that it really sticks out.  We all have many dreams while we sleep, and most slip from our memory shortly after we awake.  We have trouble recalling them even a few hours later.  This recurring dream of yours really sticks in the memory.  

So, how long this dream, or this dream and other lucid dreams?  

Then you have to eliminate possible causes.  Did you start any new medications around the time or shortly before the dreams started?  Sleep medications especially have listed as side effects "lucid dreaming".  The group I work with have found truly realistic and imaginative dreams have even been caused by malaria medication given to travelers before trips.  Almost any medication, including some vitamins, can cause really peculiar dreams.  So we need to be sure to rule that out. It also doesn't mean the dreams you are having have no meaning!  It just means the medication has helped these dreams exist.  

It also doesn't mean you have to stop a medication!  Just know that when you stop taking a medication or supplement, the dreams may stop.  Some people miss them.

This also goes for alcohol, pot, and any other drug.  Even one drink can alter how you dream, some people are more sensitive.  Not a biggie, as I wrote, it may cause the dream but not explain it.

Then, the time is very mysterious.  So like any investigator that would work your case, we have to rule out something that might be happening every night at that time.  Is there a neighbor that comes home from the night shift at that time?  Is there a large truck that is making a delivery somewhere?  Is there something that happens at that time, perhaps not everyday but often enough, that wakes you?  Do the dreams only happen on the weekend?  Weekday?  

What you need to keep is a dream log.  See if there is a pattern.  Then you have to stay up!  Our investigation group would probably set up a web cam in your room to record noises and keep looking to what happens right before you wake up.  But you would need to figure out a pattern.

Now, if you are worried, or think there might be a tie in to some medication you take, or this in any way stresses you, you have to talk to your doctor.  Not "Am I crazy?" because that is a myth.  People that have these dreams and even full on alien abductions aren't crazy.  Period.  But they are often stressed!  Also, in very rare cases, lucid dreaming of this sort is indicative of a medical issue. Not going to scare you as it's very rare.  But you could have mild narcolepsy (people really usually don't just drop to sleep like in the movies), they are prone to very lucid dreaming.  The list is long, but the times people actually are diagnosed with anything is rare. But like any good UFO investigator would tell you, you need to see a doctor if the dreams escalate or they worry you in any way.  It might be a good idea if things feel fine to you, to just mention the dreams next time you visit the doctor.  All UFO groups that are experienced suggest this.  We've all had a few cases where there has been a medical condition, and the person has been helped greatly by a doctor visit.

With that out of the way, the meaning of the dream is important.  Lucid dreams of course happen to people not on medication or with an illness.  Stress can also bring out these dreams.  If you are unhappy, or going through school (school is stressful at times), moving or having any life change, even a happy life change can cause some anxiety, it can bring out lucid dreaming.  

So, what does this lucid dream mean to you?  That's the important part!  I'm thinking, you have someone or somethings looking after you.  In a way, your feeling you have been there for a while, means that they have been in your life.  It may be aliens, it may not be.  But you probably have felt most of your life you have some group or person that is keeping an eye on you.  They are good creatures.  They are giving you a message, and to me, it's not "look out for 303".  It's clearer than that.  "Open your eyes, we want you to see."  Then they show you, you are part of a bigger picture.  It's not just you, it's not just those 5 aliens, it's thousands.  

I know you have perhaps read or heard that science now believes we are "star stuff".  That indeed, life itself here on Earth might have been started by asteroids from other parts of the Universe crashing into Earth and seeding what became life.  We are those aliens, they are indeed our brothers.  

Could your dream be a message from our relatives far away?  Some people believe the space ships are just a way of aliens far away communicating with us. Let's face it, there are enough security cameras and radars and such that a nuts and bolts ship would be all over the place, I think about all the amateur astronomers out there, who could not be bought off by any government!

I think, they are wanting you to SEE something, nothing dangerous or bad, it's not a warning of evil.. you just aren't doing (or seeing) something you need to.  Other people that have had dreams (or sometimes they feel contacts) have really changed their lives.  You are special, even if this dream was facilitated by a new medication or life change.  You opened up to getting this message, and to knowing your connection with the entire Universe.  You are made of star stuff.  Sounds silly, but it's true.  

The aliens don't contact people to give them a general warning about something happening to them. I would say, if you see 303 (or some people see 303 as BOB, so it could be a person with the nick name BOB) it is probably a good thing.  It's your lucky number most likely.  It's a connection you have, treasure it.  Usually the message given is one of helping mankind, let's face it we've done a bad job taking care of the planet, or they expect something out of you.  

Your guardian aliens want you to see the beauty inside all of us (I know doesn't this sound hokey?  it's hard to write about this without sounding silly, but this is what our group has seen again and again.  It's the best I can do to communicate this, sound hokey).  The aliens are all beautiful when they open their mouths.  So it's not just about seeing, it's about you opening your mouth more (do you hold things back, are you sometimes afraid to express yourself?) and letting your own inner beauty out.  Then seeing, you need to see the beauty in others (are you angry at people, do you think most people are annoying or not nice? I know at times I do!).  

Also, very few people have dreams like this.  It's not everyone that gets this sort of "hey we are expecting more out of YOU!  Yeah YOU!" sort of contact/dream (whatever  you call it).  Think of it as having some very loving parents, or grandparents, that want you to know something.  Perhaps we all have this inside of us, but I like to think that only a few special people get this level.  

You need to investigate this, but no matter what, you need to change something, or look at something differently.  Also, you need to start being one of the beautiful voices.  As I wrote, no one is ever hurt by these messengers. So throw out the "doom" idea.  We have to remember our dreams, including this one, are influenced by watching TV, books and movies.  Probably our space brothers aren't really little gray men.  But if we see little gray men we get "these are creatures from far away".  Over time how aliens have looked has changed (Joe Nickel has an "alien chart" that shows how they have changed over the ages, it's worth googling!).  

I think you should feel very lucky to have these dreams.  You are cared for, you are part of something bigger, and you need to be more open...talking, expressing yourself, and seeing the world and other people in it in a new way.

It's a bit of a burden, you aren't being allowed to be a slacker in life anymore!  Not that you have (I don't know you at all) but this is what other dreams like this have indicated to others.  

So, be an investigator (and let me know if I can help, or I would also love to hear what you have found out.)  Make 303, or BOB, your lucky talisman.  (I am not kidding about the tie in between 303 and BOB).  And, mention this to your doctor, now or when you are in for something else.  She/he will not laugh or think you are crazy.  Lucid dreaming is very common, though most people don't look further into what this dream means.  The fact that you have not just laughed this off, or that "well that was different" already shows you are the special person whatever these beings in your dreams already know you are.  Maybe it's just that you don't also know you are truly special that they are trying to get across to you?  

Best of luck and please keep me updated.  


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