hy-ive got some questions you might be able to answer-

- the bases on mars and the moon have apparently very advanced star trek technology according to documentry- even teleportation machines that are fully working are said to be on both mars and earth-the technology is alien?? then they reverse engineered it? according to these report there are colonies of human and aliens in the moon mars and possibly jupitor -the moons maybe????im really not sure why this is but you might know more about this. what is needed is why the humans are on the moon ? who they are? and what they are doing.

the dulce papers make some valid points-i cant state them all or in detail -but some of the answers make sence when compared to other interviews and books -i know its been claimed as hoax but has any 1 came forth and admited it is was a hoax ????the same goes for other such files and reports-it states that there is some photos and other physical evidence that will surley be the best evidence to show that aliens are real and they have advanced technology-this part to me seem legitimate-there are other parts but to long to list-so do the dulce papers have any realm of truth at all to them becasue it would add to the information of existance of global conspiracy and cover up and colonisation of earth by hybirds??

-what part of your career in military or the study of metaphysics does releate to aliens and ufos???how has it made you realise the possibily that the alien agenda is happening?

this is all-by

It's not easy for me to answer questions like yours because it's far too difficult for you to find Solace ins such responses that merit no actual proof.  Just as others may tell you “this or that”, I too am only telling “this or that” from your point of view.  But I will tell you anyway, since you asked.

The moon bases are extremely outdated pieces of civilization that existed long before homo erectus returned to the earth thousands of years ago.  They are part of an old war that was often referred to in the Bible back when that technology was not far beyond our mere comprehension.  The only existing and working bases up there right now are just secret bases of our own governments who are learning more about the precursor of historical knowledge without influencing current belief systems because doing so will only create more religious wars and scientific confusion ..among many other things

Dulce:  The dulce papers (and eyewitness events pertaining to this) is a moot point at this time.  This is because, despite whether or not that particular even was true... it would not be the sole evidence of the existence of these being.  Even if everyone involved would come out and say it was all a hoax... this would not make alien existence a hoax.  And with today's technology, any video or image provided will always be denied as evidence.  I have no more evidence to bring that what is already there... but if you simply seek my professional opinion, I will say that I have researched this myself over the past many years and I would NOT call it a hoax.  However, I would have to say that most of it was exaggerated over time ...which resulted in miscomprehension as to what really happened.  The truth is far stranger than the “apparent” truth.

Your last set of questions....
You will never ever find someone coming out of the Military who talks about being a part of an organized alien conspiracy and so forth because none exist in the military.  This is NOT to say that there are not Military organization that KNOW about it... but this is only because they are tools in the process.
The real cover ups occur on a cabinet level and inside organizations such as CIA, NSA and only partially in the FBI.    The real brains behind it all are civilians.  This is because civilians are ALWAYS hired to work the details and do the research.  It is done this way because civilians are easily threatened into keeping quiet, are expendable and easy to make “extinguished” without having paper trails leading back to them.  They are also easy to discredit and the work that civilian contractors do is not subject to release under the freedom of information act.  

If you DO ever hear of a military retiree or dischargee talking about being a part of such a thing... they are delusional or lying.   Pay more attention to those who say they were hired by the military or government agencies... but were not actually in the military themselves.  They may be closer to the truth.  If you remember correctly, most of the whistle blowers involved in the Dulce events  (such as Phil Snider – a contracted structural engineer and geologist, etc)  were contractors hired by the Government.  Does that tell you anything?

In the army, I was not “directly” related to any issues related to these topics however, let's just say I know a lot about the hired civilians issue.  I'll just leave it at that.
Metaphysics:  It's not so much just the research but the fact that personal experiences pertaining to paranormal events is what led me to researching the truth.  I don't just look into things either.  I have researched truth like it were an addiction since I was small child.  I started out in books and encyclopedias before the Internet even existed.  I also research many religions and have a Doctrine in Divinity (accredited ...not one of those internet things).  I am also an ordained Minister and a member of the American Legion.


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With over 30 years of studying Metaphysics and also being in Military Intelligence throughout the Desert Storm era, there is not much I have come across that I can not answer. Nevertheless, that doesn't really matter to some extent because knowledge in this category is nothing without proof. I can tell you the truth but only you can believe it or leave it.


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