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1)Where there any aliens present in the Old Testament as some people claim to, or are they just their sci-fi theories?
2)Do you think any of the following organizations: CIA, Vatican, NASA holds classified alien info/ had contacts with them?
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The term "aliens" is used to define anyone or anything alive that is not of this earth ...just as "aliens" is defined as anyone entering your country that is not native to it (eg. Illegal Aliens).  Therefore the term "alien" was originally used to define otherwordly beings by default.

The bible (not just the old testament), refers to "otherwordly beings", machines that fly and so forth.  What we know of as Aliens today were known then as "The gods".  But oyu have to keep in mind that not all aliens are little grey beings with large eyes.  Most of them look just like us.

NASA:  They are a civilian organization who is politically mandated and funded.  They have had no contact but certain circles within it do know of their existence.  However, not fully informed.

CIA:  No contact but they do have full knowledge of them.  (not the entire CIA but just very high levels in connection with politicla cabinets and large Military functions)  Under a deception.

Vatican:  Full knowledge and very little contact.  Under a deception.


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