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Alien Object  
Hello, I am writing in regard to a strange object I found while playing in the sandbox while I was in kindergarden (Mexico City, circa 1993). I was around 5 years old at the time. Today, I'm 24 and have many questions about the object. I have never come across anything similar on the web or any literature and am wondering if maybe you know what it is.

I am attaching an image on both sides. I have never cleaned the object, this is pretty much the shape it's always been in.

At first glance, I would assume this to be a Spanish Half Reale coin (late 1700s) and could possibly be just that.  Similar to the ones seen at the bottom of this page ... http://www.fortbedfordmetaldetectors.com/id23.html

Unfortunately, Although I'm not an expert in coins, the markings that appear on them certainly appear to be more recent.  There is a forum at the following URL that has some people that might help you come to some closure on this and be able to tell you far more than I can.



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