Hello, my name is Ryan and I am a fifth grade boy doing a school project about Aliens in Los Angeles, CA and its very difficult for me to find an expert on Aliens. I need to interview someone and I would appreciate any help I can get. I have a few questions;

*What do we know about Aliens?
*Has anyone been Abducted?
*Is there enough physical evidence about Aliens or UFOs?
*When was the last time someone has seen an Alien?
*What other information can you provide for my school project?

*What do we know about Aliens?
What we know about aliens depends on your perspective of things.  The scientific community hasn't much to say about aliens at all other than their view that their existence is conceptual, unexplainable and probable.  However they will state that their existence is not yet proven.

The abductees base their opinions differently based upon their experiences.  Some say that they are good.  Others say they are evil with harmful intentions and then some say that there are more than one species resulting in both evil and benign aliens.

Religion communities see them from various perspectives as well.  Some say they are demons.  Others say that they are angels.  Some say that they are both angels and demons.  And of course the agnostics who claim that that not only are they angels and demons but that they are also extraterrestrial (from other planets) as well as locally inhabitant (originally from here on earth)

Then we have the theorists who claim that they are either otherworldly or multidimensional beings (meaning that they exist among us but in energetic densities or frequencies that generally make them unseen by human eyes).

This is just the icing on the cake.  But the only thing we “know” (as a collective) and have universally agreed upon is that they are still yet unknown and their agenda (if any) in speculative at best.

*Has anyone been Abducted?
There are thousands of accounts where people claim to be abducted.  Among these are only a small fraction who have actually come forth to make these claims while there are at least 100 times more people who have never yet made their experiences public.

*Is there enough physical evidence about Aliens or UFOs?
There is but none of this information or material has been released to the public.  Therefore, the real answer to your question is “none that we know of” or at least “none that is considered 100% solid evidence that we know of.”.

*When was the last time someone has seen an Alien?
There are claims that come in literally daily.  Either by abductees, astral meditations, channeling or some other form of phenomena.  And if you consider all of those who never come forward about their experiences, you could almost say that it is something that happens at almost any given time of day or night.

*What other information can you provide for my school project?
The only information I could give is my own research and conclusions.  However, These conclusions are very unlikely to be of interest in a school project because it is something far from the norm.

Please be aware that I have recently been asked by others that they are doing a school project and seeking information from an expert.  You may want to put these answers into your own words.

If you would like additional information that goes into far more detail and includes my own research and conclusions, please ask.  However, keep in mind that many school will reject this kind of talk because schools generally avoid the truth.  The truth under-minds their “authority”.  


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