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Do aliens obey(listen to)God? Some people fear that if they find out aliens are real this would be a proof that God doesn't exist. They say the ancient prophets did not see the true Lord our God, but a mere humanoid alien. If this is the case, why does God allow them to interact with humans, or the scientists to find out more about these creatures(if they exist)? I'm sorry for this very long question, and if it sounds stupid. Thanks for reading it! I wish you nothing but the best of luck with everything!

The discovery of Aliens would only be proof that God doesn't exist if people misinterpret or have a misconeption as to who and what aliens are.  As long as people know the truth, then evidence of aliens is proof that God DOES exist.  In the bible, these aliens were referred to as 'the gods'.  And the god that these aliens obey are not the same God that send Jesus and created us (our souls).  Jehovah (God of the old testament) is not God... even in the Hebrew language, Jehovah is translated to "god of mischeif" or "god of destruction" ... AKA, Exodus 15:3 ("Jehovah is a man of war: Jehovah is his name.")...  In the king james version of the Bible, you can tell the difference between the true god and Jehovah by looking at capitalization.  LORD written in all caps is Jehovah.  Where God is written "Lord" and represents the word Elohim. Elohim and Jehovah are two separate entities but most people are very much unaware of this due to how the Bible was written.

In the new testaments, it is different because the NT is written in Greek (Old testament is Hebrew).  In some areas of the new testament, you may come across the word God (whereas that could be referring to either Jehovah or Elohim.  You need to study in order to interpret the difference.)


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