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Okay, I was gonna go to the dream interpretation site but nobody of my interest was available. So I decided to go to the UFO/alien site because it was the only option I had left so just please help me, this has been bothering me for a while. I've always been a little obsessed with aliens though. So here's the dream...
I was laying on my bed ( listening to dubstep ) looking at the ceiling when I told The Greys to show themselves. Then on the ceiling was a light pattern. A red dot, then green dot, then yellow dot, in a triangle formation.
What could this mean?

I don't know. If it was a dream it could mean anything. Some people believe that we can connect with other dimensions and, perhaps, inter-dimensional beings in the dream state. Others feel that dreams are symbolic of things down here on Earth.

My suggestion is that you don't ask (or tell) ETs to contact you. It might open the door for who knows what unknown powers. It's a mysterious world out there. Too many people, IMHO, can be deceived by this kind of activity. And it can sometimes get ugly if it goes too far.

If you talk to anyone, talk to God. If God permits you to somehow get in touch with other beings or powers, either through dreams or psi, that's probably something different. At least you'd have God to fall back on if things got too weird.

I hope this helps.


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Human beings almost always interpret reality. Even with so-called paranormal or spiritual experiences, an interpretive process usually follows.

With this in mind, I'm interested in how the alleged experience of UFOs and Aliens affects human beings.

I'm not a debunker of UFOs and Aliens nor a blind believer. If you're looking for statistics, a verification or refutation of popular cases in the media or historical answers, please ask another expert. But if you're seeking a psychological, cultural and spiritual analysis of the belief in UFOs and Aliens, I can most likely be of assistance.


Well, no I haven't been on a space ship and I have not seen an ET. But I've been interested in the idea for a long time.

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