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So one night I was trying to astural project but something weird happened. This experienced lasted about 10 minutes, I heard talking in a language I have never heard, I was not asleep when it happened but my body couldn't move. After this voice talked for about 10 minutes the only thing I could think for the whole night was that I have to stop smoking marijuana. I could not get any sleep that night and when ever I thought about it I got chills. Just about a month later I was outside at night and I looked up and saw a slow moving light in the sky moving in a strange way. If did not look natural and it couldn't be human technology. I pointed it out to a friend and after he looked it disappeared. Later that night I was walking home alone and I saw it again, but this time something in my head was telling me to turn around and go in a forest. I got scared and ran into my house but nos I kinda wish I didn't because I really want to meet an alien

Hey Kyle, I just did a search to see if there might be a medical explanation for the paralysis. I saw this. I have no idea if this might apply to you but you might want to visit your doctor and tell him or her the symptoms, and that you smoked marijuana before it happened (if that's what you're saying).

As for the lights in the sky, heck, I've seen satellites and other things behave strangely. The fact that you saw it again seems to suggest that it's a natural phenomenon (there's a lot of stuff up there in the sky, sent by mankind).

I think it's good you went into the house instead of the forest. I suggest you always follow your own judgement when feeling suggestions like that. If you continue in the spiritual/paranormal life, and it sounds like you might, you'll probably always feel tempted or compelled to do things. On that note, I believe certain powers can act at on us from outside ourselves. It's just a belief but... I think modern science underestimates the power of evil influences.

This is not to say that an ET would necessarily be evil. But it seems relatively easy for people to be deceived by their imaginations, and possibly by a spiritual power, or some combination of the two.

So again, I suggest you always follow your own better judgment and never do anything that doesn't feel right or which makes you feel uncomfortable.

I hope this helps.


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