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flying triangle 2
flying triangle 2  
Around the summer time in 2000 or so, I saw a strange UFO.  I was inside my house at the time, when I heard a loud airplane sound, it was loud enough that it shook my house more than it usually would.

I live in the traveling area of a nearby airport so I am familiar with jumbo jets and small planes flying low overhead.

I was wanting to go look at the plane because I like flying and it was supposedly really low.  When I stepped outside, I looked up and I saw a massively large black colored triangle flying through the air. There were multicolored lights scattered across the bottom of it,the types of lights you would see on a Christmas tree I would guess, and it was more than 8 times the size of the low flying jumbo jet that I tend to see.

What I don't understand is that all of the other reports I have researched on large black triangles, is that there are either no lights, or three white lights on the corners, and that it is silent.

Why have I not found any other reports like mine? What is this? Can you tell me any information about this?

This triangle shape is very commonly reported.  Perhaps not always so large, this is one of the larger sizes I've heard of.  Also the colors are interesting.  I've had a lot of white lights reported.  You might be familiar with the Arizona case, which in most probability flares dropped by reserve flights in formation.

Still, large triangle UFO's have been reported over Belgium and many other countries.  

I'm checking around, after all it's hard to prove "Aliens", instead we can just look to see if there might be an explanation, and if not, say "We don't know yet".  However, seeing a pattern of "Triangle shapes" and noting sizes and locations is very important to figuring out just what these are.  

I'll get back to you once I get a few more suggestions to what it could possibly be.  


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