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Hi, I wanted to ask a question about my dreams & the likelyhood of it just being a dream or something more. Ive always had dreams of being chased, hunted but by an invisble force that I consider demons, they were very scary & frequent until I was in my early teens they became less & when I converted to another religon they stopped. But Ive had a few dreams that seemed so real, for example in one of my dreams I remember I felt like I was dropped into a lake,I swam to the other side & saw a huge ock skull the size of a cliff & an old women with glowing eyes was throwing balls of light out of the socket that circled back to her.In another dream I was in a dark room & looked for something,I didnt know what & a dragon appeared before me,again it was invisible but that is what I was thinking it was,I looked outside & saw an angry mob & the building I was in was in a mansion,I got onto the drgon & was flying towards the moon,it was so big,bright & the wind was so real,I wanted to get there but the dream stop.My last dream that was perculiar,it was a dream inside a dream.I was in my old room at night, I looked out of my window at the stars & closed my eyes & saw stars changing into galaxies,constellations,it was changing very quickly like as if I was searching then my dream stopped.

These sound like transformation dreams. You swim to the other side of the lake, you see stars changing. All pretty archetypal. I'd look up a good book in the library that deals with these kinds of symbols, and from there, you can make your own interpretation. Or maybe you could just use Wikipedia.

I can't say much more because I don't know you or your situation.

If you still want to follow up after your research, maybe find someone with whom you can talk in person about these images.

I hope this helps.


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