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Hi Spaceman

After seeing the many videos and photos of UFOs on the Internet, I have begun to try to do some analysis myself.

I am only going to accept what convinces me, given my knowledge and analysis, since it is too difficult to sort out all the misinformation out there. At least I can trust myself.

Those who misinform cannot be perfect so something will slip through the cracks. They are don't all have an IQ of 180 either so something truth is bound to slip through the cracks.

Would you agree, and any good tips on how to analyse UFO videos and photos ?

Thanks for Your question !

It is almost impossible to analyze and verify videos of UFO's today. Too much can be do with image and video processing.
I have seen many of them myself.
What is convincing? ...
In the US, our firefighters have a manual in their station called: "A Firefighters Guide to Diaster Preparedness"
In it it describes what they should do in case of coming upon a crashed UFO.
Look it up on Google search.



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