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Hello Earth Sister,

I have long believed that aliens may not particularly be extraterrestrial, but for some reason I feel they have inhabited Earth for millions of years.  In other words, could this be their planet?  Could it be that they helped create the living conditions on our planet that made life sustainable for humans to inhabit? And furthermore, do you think it's possible that aliens created us as hybrids, combining our DNA to theirs? And even further, could God, as depicted in the Bible, actually be an alien, and could the ancient Egyptians as well as the Mayans also be an alien race?  

I have often wondered if we, as humans, were created as sort of a large scale "ant farm", and they are watching us to see how we develop.  I have had these ideas on my mind since childhood, but I have never found anyone who could possibly answer my questions, until now.  Can you tell me if my thinking is at least close to being the case?  And can you also tell me what the aliens have planned for us in the future?  

Thank you.

Hi, Gary. Thank you for your questions.

A species fits only its unique world because the body of the species literally grew from and with its world. Every world is unique with all the circumstances of the world. A few similar circumstances do not make two worlds alike enough to share life. A species cannot survive in an alien atmosphere. Advanced species can use technology and natural ability to travel and to visit their neighboring worlds. All advanced races of people visit their neighboring worlds of people.

The DNA of our human race is the DNA of another race of humans, who is one of the alien races that visits Earth now. Our DNA developed and evolved here from its beginning on its own, along with, to fit, all the circumstances of our world.

None of the alien races of people around us have any need or desire to inhabit our world. It is infinitely easier to build a city in space to inhabit, than to change the circumstances of a world to fit an alien species.

All known worlds of people believe in the same One God as The Creator of All Life, because God teaches at every world. Life is soul, not body. Species procreate bodies in various ways to populate a world and to populate the universes.

Our visiting races are helping us realize our place among our local group of worlds. They plan to continue to help us as much as we will allow.

Your thinking is not right or wrong, it is advanced. Keep doing that.  


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My lifelong spiritual experiences include spirits of the departed, spirit guides and angels who work together with humanity and our galactic neighbors for the same objectives to ensure the survival of our human race.

I can answer questions specifically about the 218 alien races that are visiting Earth, their organization here, their common technologies of travel and concealment, their natural abilities, why they come here and what their intentions are for the human race. For other humans who have contact, I help facilitate communication and understanding so that they may become more productive in their own roles if they so choose. I can also answer questions about why there is so much confusion on Earth about these subjects and expose the disinformation that rules the human UFO field.


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