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Hello again,

Sorry for already asking new things before you've had time to answer my previous questions :)

1. In your previous answer you told about two hybrid races of humans/aliens that look like humans. What do you mean by hybrid? Do you mean that they are half earth human and half alien human, or do you mean that they are a hybrid between earth humans and some other humanoid type (like greys etc.)? Are these our ancestors or have they at some point had to use our DNA to help them survive? Why does not this other hybrid race visit earth anymore? Do either of these hybrid races have a name you could tell us?

2. I have also found some information about the grey alien race that was banned from visiting earth. Some retired ex-military employees have told about this issue. One of them claimed that this grey race was initially clones created by another race and that is why they had to find a solution for them to survive. Is this true?

3. Are "human type" beings categorize as human? Are there any other categories, for example greys, humanoids etc. or do the other races categorize similar type races in any way?


Hi, Janus. Thank you again.

1. The two hybrid races were created independently by two separate alien races, each of whom we humans call The Grays. The two races of The Grays look similar to our eye, except one is taller than the other. One of the Gray races (the taller) was banned permanently from visiting Earth, and the other remains, having joined the organization of Earth's visiting races. The hybrids are made of half us, and half The Grays own races. The hybrids were then further mixed into The Grays races over generations. The original hybrids are and appear clearly half and half, and further generations appear and are more and more similar to The Grays own races. None of the hybrids or further generations look to be all human.

Both races of The Grays had to use our DNA to help them survive. Our organization of visiting races stepped in to stop their methods, and offered them what they needed by more appropriate ways. One of these races complied, and the other did not or just could not. Only races who are active participating members of our organization may visit our world, and this is true for every world. (I do not know that the hybrid people of the banned Gray race are never allowed to personally visit their relatives of our race.)

Our ancestors are Zylem's people in that our DNA came from their DNA. However, think big and realize that all races by body have originated from the same one original physical source, and that all races of all the universes are populating the universes. Spiritually by soul all races have also originated from the same one original source, and that by soul we are not necessarily limited to one life or one race.

I do not know any race names for the hybrid races.

2. All my understanding from my alien friends including The Grays is that they are just as alive people as we are, and in no way what we know as clones. There is more to this than I know about, and the simple way I understand is that their bodies are frail, and somehow it restored their reproduction by integrating some of our DNA into theirs, which they could do over generations.

All races are created by another race, either on purpose or by the way the wind blows. That is evolutional reproduction and the population of the universes.

We can mix and grow anything we want but only God creates its life, all life, life force itself, spirit, soul.

3. All races/worlds of people look like people. People shaped. Heads on top, two arms, two legs, standing up. Some races/worlds have additional shapes as well. Animals look like animals. Plants like plants. Fish like fish. Carbon is carbon. Salt is salt. Water is water. But not every world has every same element, and all worlds have different circumstances of weather, pressure, gravity, air, etc. We cannot share atmosphere because our bodies developed from their beginning with our unique set of circumstances of our world. We did not adapt, we developed with, and literally grew right out of.

There are two kinds of races/worlds. Physical matter like us. And light. All life is so diverse and unique and special and TALENTED that there are limitless numbers of categories if we were to organize them that way, and each race would fit into many of them.

We humans on Earth tend to think of two kinds of races. Us and Them. But all of them already know so many other races, and all so incredibly diverse, that such diversity is the greatest thing that makes them all alike. Their respect for life and willingness to assist and protect one another is vital to all, including us. The thing that makes us humans on Earth so different from all of them right now is that we have so quickly achieved on our own such incredible knowledge and technology through discovery, invention and design, and THEN we let a few of us use it all against the rest of us, to the very annihilation of our race and world. These few have all the rest of us fooled, about our money, our health, our nature, our food, ecology, resources, religion, nationality, and THE ALIENS. These few would rather we all cease to exist than to let our brothers and sisters help us realize we can live right.


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