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Hi Nancy, I asked this question once before and I got an receipt that this has been answered, yet the answer cannot be found from the site. This probably was lost in cyberspace... I hope you answer these questions.

First of all I would like to really thank you for your great book, your and your husband's teachings and all the time you have taken to answer these questions! I have been an experiencer since I was a child. and my mom was an experiencer too, and had similar very strong encounters like you've had. Mine have been lesser, but
generally it has been really hard to find people and information that would be from true experiencers. Some people seem to imagine things or take up all the negative propaganda, and a part of them might be affected by TV, movies and such, which leads to a lot of misinformation.

When I found your book and your website I was extremely relieved, because you described many of the same things I've learned from my mom and also some smaller things I have experienced myself. I think it is wonderful that people actually have someone honest and knowing that they can ask questions about aliens (I hate to call them that because I'd rather call them friends), the Universe and God.

But my actual questions deal with the encounters themselves. I have had a few (with Zylem's race) where I've right from the start known that I am there also physically - or at least I have felt like so. With the other species, the experiences have been
more in this "dreamlike" state. You kind of know that it is not a dream, but it doesn't feel normal reality either. I remember some of the discussions from these dreamlike states very well, and we have talked about many similar things as you have also described in your teachings. I have been just thinking whether these "dreamlike" experiences are things experienced as a soul - I mean like out of body experiences.  Or is it some kind of another state or dimension of reality, or howcome does it feel like "a dream", slightly blurred but yet so real?

For me some of the experiences with some other races have been more difficult, because even if I have know what is going on, I still have had this feeling of fear and even slight panic. Some of my encounters have ended abrupbtly because this, probably because of my fear and to protect me from suffering because of that, but I still remember these encounters, which probably is meant like that so that I would eventually learn to handle these. I don't know if the reason for this feeling of panic is because of the strong telepathic effect or what, but I would like to learn
to control my fear. I am not intimitated by their looks or anything, I think they are perfectly beatiful creations of God just like us humans are, but still it feels scary to look at them. I was relieved to read from your 1st book that you have also experienced fear in the beginning. But do you have some kind of an advice how I could learn to control my fear and thus I would be able to make the encounters "more productive", by which I mean that I would be able to discuss and communicate with my visitors better. Or will I simply learn to deal with
this better when I become older? There is nothing negative about these encounters, but for some reason I have not been always able to control my feelings and that irritates me a lot.

Also I remember some instances where I have woken up in lights and some noise and I have immediately realized that I have got an intergalactic friend visiting me. But in some cases I have felt a little "stunned", not being able to move normally, only slightly, but I have been able to open my eyes enough to see what is going on. But I don't remember anything happening after that, not any discussions or anything. I would also like to emphasize that I have not felt threatened or anything in these situations even if I
haven't been able to move my body normally. This must not be confused with sleep paralysis, because I have been totally aware of what is going on and I have been able to move a bit. But could you help me to understand what is the meaning of these experiences, where afterwards I cannot remember any discussions?

Often these encounters and also some of the "less dreamlike experiences" have happened during the night. Is there some reason for that? I know that I would probably experience less fear if these didn't happen abruptly and at night but rather daytime. I have started to think more about these encounters and my role and
how I could be of assistance to improve the conditions on our planet after I had my first child. I don't know whether he will be an experiencer, but I definitely feel like I would like to be involved and help to improve matters in our society.

I am also eagerly waiting for your 2nd and 3rd books.

Thank You once again for your great work and all the best to you and your family!

Hi, Juho. Thank you for your questions and words of encouragement and support. I also support your efforts in your search for understanding. I will answer what I can. Sorry that your previous questions were lost.

Everything is spiritual. There is nothing that is not spiritual. It doesn't matter what or who or from where it physically originated. We live physically and spiritually at the same time, parallel - both are part of the same whole. Only our awareness is what causes this separation, only in our perception. We see through foggy lenses (our own natural ability) from our physical state of consciousness into our other states of consciousness.

"Dreams" are sometimes imagination, and sometimes physical awareness of spiritual events coming up through our states of consciousness. Often dreams are a mix of imagination and reality. Also, dreams are sometimes symbolic communication, and sometimes warnings or answers to questions, either from others or from ourselves. If you want to experience anything spiritually, practice it. To practice, first start with watching your dreams closely and recording them accurately.

Whether we are asleep or awake, it makes no difference. Awareness of everything we do spiritually comes up from within us. If a spiritual event happened at a prior time and we have just looked in and saw it, we might assume it just happened a moment ago, or when we were sleeping last, or years ago, and it may have been so for any possibility. It may unfold and spill forth in our like any dream does. When an event is happening presently, and we are aware of it presently step by step, it is still coming up from inside our mind, from another state of consciousness the same way. As it is happening, we are "remembering" it at the same time, step by step.

The amount of fogginess is due to the clarity of our perception. If we record with integrity, a narrative starts to show over time. The pieces fit together to tell a undeniable reality of order, purpose, and intention. Also, when we continue to practice, the fogginess diminishes.

We fear because it's natural to us to fear. Our primitive survival relied on fear to drive us from the unknown. To lose your fear, just get to know more personally what you fear. But first you have to fight through it to get closer to it. First you have to take a chance in order to find out that you can trust what you fear.

True, the alien people are perfectly beautiful creations of God, just like we are, and nobody's perfect. Usually, the more they focus on us, the stronger their telepathy is, and with it comes the natural sensations that clash together, theirs and ours. This reaction takes time to quell and always does if you want it to. Most alien races feel uncomfortable to us- that is their telepathy has an uncomfortable effect on us, and some horribly so. Some of the alien races feel very good to us too.

Fear is in our minds, so to get over it, we need more information in our minds. When they approach us that is our opportunity to get that information. When we lose the fear, the sensations are still there, but when we feel them, we won't assume anymore it means the alien people are going to hurt us. Now we can get down to business.

Sometimes the alien people hold us still during encounters. This is so we will stay aware and able to absorb information we may or may not be physically aware of. Also, they hold us still in order to keep us from hurting them or ourselves while we are aware. This allows us to retain the memory of the facts of the encounter. The fact we had it. The fact they did not hurt us. The facts of what we could see and hear. Etc. An encounter like this is designed to help us form questions we need the answers to in order to learn all about our contact and role. Go with it. Write it down.

Encounters often have multiple objectives. Maybe we can know some to bring back to this level, and some of the rest must be kept hidden. To know some things on this level that we know on other levels could end our ability and freedom to fulfill our hopes in working with the alien races. To know too much is to be known to know too much, and then we could be hurt here on Earth because of it. If we work with the alien races and take on a physical roll, it's important that we are allowed to remain free to speak.

When the alien people are planning and arranging meetings between us and them, they often include many humans at once. The easiest and safest time to plan for it is at night because then they know right where everyone will be to retrieve us, and with much less interruption and confusion during the meetings. Besides, we are just more agreeable when we are physically out of our own way.

There are so many things you can do to help all the efforts between our worlds. Mostly just talk with people when the subjects come up. Get other people around you thinking. You're doing more than you know already and thank you for that.  


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