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Hello, thank you for having a profile on this website! I have a few questions, but only if it's ok, since I realize these are  some pretty dangerous topics that not everyone is willing to answer or talk about. Before asking, I just wanted to let you know that if there is a question you don't want to answer, please feel free to avoid answering it...
1.Are alien species allied with mankind or hostile? If hostile, are there any high-level people fighting against them?
2.Was Atlantis a real place? If so, who or what were its inhabitants?
3. I don't know if I should ask this, since it isn't really alien-related, but I was just wondering if you know something about it...100 years ago, the First World War started. Are there any secret/special informations about this even that the books or documentaries don't/cannot tell us or is everything 100% avialable to the public with nothing about World War I being witheld?

1:  This one is much easier to answer than it is to explain.  But generally speaking, there are both evil, allied, neutral and benign alien species.  But the question isn't really that simple.  Most people assume that the real fight is between us and them when in reality, we are often sitting off to the side whilst they fight amongst themselves.  In order for me to answer any further than that, the questions would have to be more specific.  I'm not really sure exactly where you would like me to go with this.

2:  Atlantis would most certainly have to be a real place due to a few often overlooked details.  For one thing, the consistency between several unrelated stories of this place's existence from people who never knew each other or even lived anywhere near each other as well as eye witness account back then that seem to describe the same things.  But even in cases where they seem to describe something different. This is often because people fail to realize that Atlantis was not the “entire place”.  Atlantis was merely the primary city of that land much like if we were to say “the City of New York”.  Some describes Atlantis as being round with walls within walls (like circles within circles) and yet others describe it as being a large island unlike that description at all.  Whereas, the descriptions are merely relating to both the island and the city within that island. The island was named “Atlas” and was roughly half the size of the US.  Despite the fact that I have researched Atlantis myself on many occasions, I have to admit that I never really carried that research into such depths as to provide any findings concerning why or how it disappeared but I can honestly say two things about it.  First that it really did exist.  Secondly, that it still does in a “sense”.  A civilization that advanced would not have simply jumped into the water just because the island was being destroyed.  They are here somewhere.

3:  I wish I could tell you more about WWI but you are right.  This really isn't my area of expertise.  The only thing I would do here is provide my “opinions” and those opinions are not that great in this case.  But I can say this...   WWI did not start because of any specific reason nor would any country ever go to war simply to avenge someone's death.  There is certainly something more behind this but I would have to assume that every country has it's own agenda.  The question should really be generalized as to ask about why a specific country went to war in WWI rather than all of them as a whole.  Perhaps looking deeper into that might give a more broader insight into the whole big picture behind it all.

I wish I could be of more help on WWI.  But if you need more details about anything specific pertaining to the other answers, please don't hesitate to ask.  I don't answer question because I want to looks smart.  I do it because people have a right to know.  Unfortunately, even I can not know “Everything” but I will do the best that I can.


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