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Hello and thanks again for your great answers. Extremely interesting information and it is great to be able to learn about other races and how the universe works! I still have a few questions:

1. Is The Grays race that still visits earth you are referring to, Einstein's race? Are the hybrid race, created by The Grays race that is still visiting earth, allowed to visit their human relatives? You wrote that The Grays take care of the hybrid race. When they combined human DNA with theirs, did the hybrid race have similar problems as we humans have had, with violence, egoism etc.?

2. You write that the other Grays race was banned from visiting earth permanently. Why permanently, why won't they have a chance to correct what they have done wrong? it sounds like they were slightly hostile.

3. There is some information about The Blue's race also found in the internet. It seems like the governments have known for decades that Mars is inhabited and that The Blue's race is living under the surface. Some of their buildings and devices have appeared in some of Nasa's pictures, but they have been quick to delete some of the pictures. Here is for example a picture that Nasa has deleted from most sites, but this one Japanese site still has it up: . Does this look genuine to you? Also this person Alfred Webre tells some things about Mars in this interview: . There are some similarities with your teachings. He says that the Vela supernova destroyed the ecosystem in Mars approximately 9500 B.C and that The Blue's race is 1500 years older than our race. Are these facts right?

4. You explained in your previous answer that all planets have their own elements and like we humans use water and oxygen, other races uses other molecules for them to survive that have developed according to their atmosphere and ecosystem. We have the so-called elementary table that lists all the atoms we believe exist in the universe. I guess there are plenty of other atoms and elements that exist on other planets that we do not have here on earth?

5. And you are completely right, it is very sad that the governments and some people only think about money, wealth and themselves and exploit the rest of the people and our planet. I am pretty sure no one's soul cannot be anyway "evil" or contaminated, I believe everyone's soul is good. That's why it is so strange that some people behave like this.

Thank You!

Hi, Janus. Thank you again for your questions.

1. The Gray's race, who were creating a hybrid race with Earth humans, who is still visiting Earth, is not Einstein's race. Nor is the other Gray race who were creating hybrids and are no longer allowed to visit Earth. Yes, the hybrid people of the remaining Gray race are allowed to visit their human relatives for personal and professional specific purposes when both desire- I do not know the criteria. I do not know what problems the hybrids may have inherited from our race through DNA, but the problems you mention are social ones anyway.

2. It was These Grays' decision to make for whether they would/could comply with the longstanding universal laws which were newly founded at our world, for our world. Instead of accepting the solution to their problem offered by the organization, they chose to search elsewhere.

3. I have not been told by alien life that our government is aware of the race of people who live inside of Mars, but I am certain that our government knows there is. I don't have an opinion to share on these links right now.

4. Yes but I do not know any details about them.

5. I think like you about soul, and I hope we overcome ourselves before any more damage is done.  


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