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Hi Earthsister,

I really appreciate what you do, encouraging peace, balance, awareness and common sense. I have followed your answers here for a long time, and I have also read the information on "The Project At Earth"s wiki. This is the first time I write to you. I could propably think of countless questions, but I have chosen a few:

1. Amongst the alien races, the basic needs for everyone, is taken care of and they do not have money. What if you want something more than what is basic? Like a nicer house, more expensive experiences etc? How does that work, and who decide who will get what?

2. Most advanced races seem to share similar physical characteristics, one head, two arms, legs, eyes, ears, hands etc. Is this kind of body a foundation for advancement? Or how come most races are similar in this way?

3. Do the race who inhabits Mars have any plans to repopulate the planet surface, or will they continue to live underground? How will they react when we, in a few years, will be sending people to Mars?

4. Are there any other civilizations of aliens inhabiting our solar system, apart from Earth and Mars? Where, and what race are they?

5. Do you know anything more about the "tones" that sometimes can be heard inside, lasts for a few seconds and then disappear? Where do they come from, and what is their function?

6. I enjoyed your first book very much, and am eagerly waiting for book two and three. Do you know when they might be available?

Thank you very much!

Hi, William. Thank you for your questions and support.

1. The advanced races have organized their governments and societies to include provisions of all basic needs for all of their people regardless of any inability to take care of themselves or contribute. Besides this, any people can have more things also in any number of various ways on any world. I have not been told specifically the details of how or how much, but I assume there are both similarities and differences world to world.

None of the 218 races that visit Earth use any kind of money. I am told that some other races do but that it's not common, and that the ones that do, do not use it like we on Earth use it.

2. All races of people have bodies that are people-shaped. But we are not our bodies- we are our souls. We are people, and people-shaped, by soul first, by comparison to all other kinds of life. We have people intelligence and people abilities spiritual and physical, although different races of people have some similar, different, and unique abilities. We inherit and accumulate qualities and abilities through our existence and contribute to our evolution through our decedents.

God creates life which is soul. We people propagate people bodies in natural and technological ways. We people populate our world and the universes. The most advanced evolved races known can trace the direction to the physical origin of omniversal life.

3. The Mars people are completely comfortable living underground. You can't even tell you are underground there. When the surface atmosphere is rebuilt, the people will use it again in addition to underground.

The Mars people won't let us do anything to their world. I hope we are doing responsible and diplomatic things with the people of Mars by the time we could land people there.

4. Jack and I asked this question of our alien friends, and after their careful consideration they told us there are at least two other races in our solar system besides us. One is The Blue's race in Mars, of course. They wisely declined to tell us who or where the others are, which served as an opportunity in our teachings to show us how certain information, to get it directly from the aliens, could get Jack and me targeted on Earth and leave us unable to share any information.

5. The tones are predetermined signals which utilize the natural mechanism of our ears. They are used as a tool for many and any purposes, and to indicate specific timing or events which we are aware of in other states of consciousness. You can think of them like a code being used over a pocket device, including telepathically and hypnotically. When we are signaled, this also signals those attuned to us. It can be for something for one person or for many people.

6. I hoped and thought books two and three would be published by now. My life is not allowing it at this time.  


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