Hi Nancy, not sure if you can answer this,
1) Our Dna that comes from Zylems race, how many years ahead
are they from us, and what is their lifespan.
2) The alien visitors that are so far advanced than us, have special abilities Telepathy, etc, they say they can see our future abilities that we can't even see yet, will it take thousands - millions of years for us to get these special
abilities, or will the aliens teach us these over time. You’ve probably answered similar question in the past.
3) Will the truth eventually come out as to what the secret governments of the world have been hiding from us about the alien visitors, will they be held accountable for their crimes against humanity and the alien visitors, do they know their time
is running out as well.

Hi, Peter. Thank you for your questions.

1) I do not recall with certainty right now whether I was told even vaguely how long evolved Zylem's race is, but I don't think so. If I find it in my notes I will try to correct this answer. Zylem's race is much longer evolved than we humans are, and we have each evolved in different directions- unique directions, as all races/worlds do. For almost all of our visiting races, their lifespan is hundreds of years, up to not longer than about 1,000 years.

2) The special abilities we Earth humans have are visible to our visiting races. Most of our abilities are common to all races, and a few are uncommon, rare or unique. We humans use our abilities now in a young way compared to how we will in the future. The goal to reaching higher potential is to discover and practice to enhance what we have available inside of us. Yes, our alien friends can give us some guidance.

3) Yes, the truth will eventually come out in a more open way about what the secret governments have been hiding about the alien races, and about the crimes committed to keep things hidden. I am certain that every one of the perpetrators are and will be held accountable in some way, but maybe not all within our awareness here and now. Yes, the criminals know their time is running out.

I feel strongly, and since it's too late to stop what has already happened, now is the best time for humanity to focus wholly on figuring out how we can ban together with the willing on our world and with our visiting worlds to make this critical leap forward. I don't think we should waste any more time or resource or effort right now trying to solve the wrongdoings. We don't need the criminals to confess or to get them locked up in prison before we can go forward. When we continue to stall on these things for any reason, we are risking more lives and happiness, and prolonging more needless suffering.

We don't need the permission of our leadership or for any Earth authority to agree or allow us to move forward in building our relationships and knowledge with our visiting races. We can just do it. Anyone who is not ready or tries to hold us back can stay behind in their own minds- they will not matter in any way to the success of our race.

You and I will never know the full scope of corruption on Earth about these things. And why should we. Somebody- the right people- will know someday soon, when it's time for that. For now the trailblazers just need to remain busy blazing trails.  


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My lifelong spiritual experiences include spirits of the departed, spirit guides and angels who work together with humanity and our galactic neighbors for the same objectives to ensure the survival of our human race.

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