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QUESTION: Did UFO's and aliens observe our Apollo Missions? If yes, what do you know about it.

Do you know anything about NASA covering up Aliens to the world?

ANSWER: Hello, Philip. Thank you for your questions.

All of our surrounding races closely observe all of our Apollo Missions as well as everything we do on Earth that pertains to our traveling people and things off our world at all. What we do here is of their interest personally and professionally, and anything we do that affects their peoples and worlds is their business and obligation to know or find out about. We all share this space we live in. We all share our people as friends and family.

NASA (govt) cannot actually cover up the aliens visiting our world. They can, though, disguise them and the evidence of them right in front of our eyes and right inside our minds. NASA can also train weapons on the aliens' crafts to threaten them to stay away from you and me. When this doesn't work, NASA can train their weapons on you and me as hostages to threaten them away, and this works.

NASA can only cover up from us that we loyally, obediently agree to allow them to cover up from us. If we look for ourselves and think for ourselves, we can find out everything about everything for ourselves. We don't need anybody on Earth to tell us what to think and believe about the other races.

It's not just NASA covering up the visitation of alien life. It's all the leaders of the leading world countries working together to keep their people afraid and confused and disbelieving of the truth. They also work together to keep the leaders of the smaller beholding countries in compliance about it. The largest countries have the most power and respect to lose, and the most and worst crimes against the aliens and you and me to be exposed upon the truth all about everything coming out to you and me.

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QUESTION: How can someone find evidence of the truth about aliens? (From when you said if we look ourselves)

Do you know anything to do with the Indrid Cold story from Point Pleasant?

Hi, Philip.

One way to find evidence of the truth about the aliens is by studying crop circles. But don't just read what is printed in the articles under the photographs. You would have to think for yourself and investigate for yourself. You would find out who made which ones, and why. The facts of the existence of the crop circles would shine light on the intentions of the visiting races regardless of our inability to yet decipher the codes.

You could also interview people who claim to have had sightings of alien crafts and personal experiences with alien people. This way you would learn for yourself the influence of human perception on belief.

And of course you can study yourself through your dreams, visions and spiritual experience, and you can ask your spirit friends and guides to help you with your quest.

I have heard some stories and things about Mothman and Indrid Cold. I do not have any personal or inside knowledge about these things.


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