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February 17, 2014, me and my two co-worker's saw something not usual in the sky at 7:15pm here in UAE Abu Dhabi. I saw it first and I thought I was just a plastic floating. But i noticed is was not floating and it was flying straight to unknown direction. The object is form in a triangle shape with 6-8 lights on the sides and what struct me most its the base, it was like a plastic white color, almost invisible in the sky, its like transparent. But since the sky was clear, when it was flying, the shape appears. Its like a light cloud form in triangle flying in normal speed i think. I call the attention of my two co-workers if they saw it also and they confirmed it something different. Something we cannot explain. It bother me too much, can you please explained to me what is that thing?

The thought is that it could be a new drone being tested.  We have to look at all the possibilities, especially man made, first.

The area is full of airports, and I'm guessing it was dark, or near dark at that time.

One person suggested this............................

My understanding is that the UAE is currently negotiating for the purchase of several billion dollars worth of new fighter jets. They are looking at the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Dassault Rafale, and the Boeing F-15, all of which could look triangular, depending on the angle of view.

They already have a number of F-16s and Dassault Mirages, which are quite triangular, depending on the view, and are painted to look like a cloudy sky.

According to here: http://www.globalsecurity.org/milita...ity/dhafra.htm


The one problem is simply there is so much air traffic there, and also it was seen in a populated area.  There should have been a lot of reports.  There are also places online to track all air traffic, though I'm not sure they would report a test of a drone.  

I think the location of the sighting, makes military or new test, more of a possibility than alien.  Unless this was reported in the local news!

However, one suggested is to try viewing from the same spot, and time, as much as possible.  See if it returns, and also ask around.  someone else might have seen it.  There is usually more than one test of something like this.  

It is very similar to many other reports of UFOs, being in the triangle shape. Also be ready with  your camera phone, or any other camera.  Even a poor photograph of just lights can tell us a lot about possibilities.   

I don't want to dismiss this just because it was in a populated area with a lot of airports, both military and civilian.  

Please update me if you see anything like it again, or if you get a photograph of video.  I hope this is helpful, often we are left with "just not enough evidence yet".


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