I was in a park today and I saw something that i didn't want to see. I was looking at the sky, and a metalic grey thing appeared from nowhere, then dissapeared. I thought i went crazy, but then i saw a line on the oky, like the one made by planes. The sky was clean. No cloud, no plane. Only that line made by thing. The line was exactly where the "thing" appeared. Woyld u please tell what was that? How is it possible to appear and dissappear?

This is really hard to answer.  

Did the park have trees or tall buildings near by?  Perhaps the UFO went behind that?  Or did it perhaps change direction, for instance, make a quick turn and then it would appear much smaller. it is hard to describe this, but if you have ever watched planes at an airport, you will see this happen.  

It's really hard to guess, the line on the sky could be the UFO turned on it's side?  Perhaps it is very thin?  If it changed what side it was showing you, it could look like a thin line.

It's these reports that keep us all guessing.  No one really knows how UFOs appear, and also they seem to be able to do things we assume most aircraft can not do.  We also know so little about what the governments of the world are developing.  There is strong evidence that many governments try to push aliens and UFOs to cover up aircraft and other designs they are working on.

Please keep notes about this, write down all your remember, time of day, place, temperature, clouds.... sort of UFO investigation.  Then if possible try to visit the park at the same time of day, and day of the week, and see if it happens again.  I would think you are very safe,  but it would be very interesting to see if this happens again.  Sadly, while this sort of thing has been reported, no one is sure what it could be.

thank you for reporting though, and also if you remember any more details, and especially if you see it again, please let me know so I can report it to UFO groups that keep records.  They like to compare, and see if they can find anything in common with reports like yours.  


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