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hello it is march 14 2014 and yesterday while having a conversation with my daughter on my cell phone we both suddenly heard very loud and strange sounds on our phones including static beeping and a distressed sounding male voice ? some of his words were distorted and understandable but we both began to cry and shake and it made our hair stand on end. I can never explain what we heard and have never experienced anything like this nor heard anything like it. it was so loud that I threw my phone onto the bed and then put on speaker. it lasted approx. 2 to 3 minutes and truly sounded like a distress or cry for help. has anyone else reported this ? I am pretty disturbed and would really like some answers and am afraid to speak to anyone about it in fear of being mocked or not believed. thanks

I would say that I have not heard of this with aliens.  I did talk to someone that works with ghost investigations and she said she has had some investigations involving cell phones with odd voices, but no proof.

I asked at the local cell phone store tonight, and they said that sometimes this happens, though it is becoming more rare with newer cell phones.

They suggested this wiki site.

Also they suggested this site.


this sounds quite frightening.  Especially as it sounds like someone in trouble.  If this happens again, please write down whatever you can.  Time of day and date and such. The cell phone people suggested that sometimes people in trouble use their phones or other electronics to get help (say a trucker in an accident that is stuck).  My hope is that it was just some very peculiar interference.  Also, I know my local cell phone store was so helpful, where ever you get your cell phone from, please talk to them about your particular phones.  

I'm including your report in the files of our national UFO group, in case there are any more reports like yours.  Thank you, because this could be the first of what could be many.  But my hope is it is just a rare, but natural, event.  feel free to contact me again (please do) if this happens again.  And thank you again for sharing.


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