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Hi Nancy. Good to see you here again.

1) You said that individually - within their respective races - the visiting races look similar to each other, and that you can't tell them apart just by looking at them.
So, this is the same case with Zylem's race?

2) Are the black eyes on Zylem's race natural or artificial? I remember you said something about how some of the races are wearing black lenses for various reasons and don't actually have black eyes.
I ask this because in Travis Walton's story, the Human ETs he encountered were described to have eyes similar to ours.

3) You said that an alien race accelerated our evolution.
How far did they have Humans evolve? Was it to the point that scientists here on Earth tell us, or was it beyond?

4) Do you think it was Zylem and/or Einstein's race that accelerated our evolution? To me at least, it would make sense. Only because Zylem's race is closer to our race genetically and Einstein's race works with Zylem's, so Einstein's race may have a good understanding of our biology and genetics.

Thank you for your time.

Hi, Sacha! Thank you for your questions. Good to hear from you too.

1) The people in each respective race (visiting Earth) look very much alike, including in the one visiting human race, which is Zylem's race. There are natural differences to be noticed between each of them and we can pick up on them quickly once we start to get to know some of them personally. This is just like how we notice the differences between our identical twins, and families of animals.

How we perceive other strangers is based more on how we see, than on how the others appear. And, the more strange, foreign or alien the others seem to us, the more alike themselves we perceive them to be. We humans of Earth can more easily recognize individuality of Zylem's people by sight, than of any of the other visiting races, because we are naturally familiar with the human structure and facial nuances already. The familiarity may allow us to bypass initial fear- since our fear prevents us from drawing in for a closer look. Of course there are some races with more diversity in appearance compared to others, and some with less.

Here is a link to an article about a group of friends who got together and threw a head shaving party for one of theirs who has cancer. Scroll through the pictures and notice how much the woman all look alike wearing the same clothes with bald heads. The most striking thing that makes them all look alike to us is that we don't know any of them personally, because if we did, we would pick them out immediately.

The thing, I think, that makes a race of people all look, and be, so much alike is their evolutional longevity- their success at being united and working together over great time, making our race as strong and capable as we can be. I can see our people on Earth on our way to doing this too.

2) I do not recall details clearly enough right now to answer this question fully.

Zylem's eyes appear to be all black from the front view. When he redirects his eyes, the whites are visible in the corners. Yes, some races, or beings in a race, wear black lenses on their eyes.

Travis Walton encountered a crew of Einstein's race, which includes people of Zylem's race. It has been assumed commonly that Travis was abducted by The Grays, and that the humans were hybrids, half The Grays and half our race. I don't know how clear or accurate Travis is about the detail of the eyes, and I don't know from the aliens whether they had on lenses, either to appear to have eyes like ours or to have black eyes.

3) This question was answered for us in response to many people asking Jack and me all about "how the alien races made our human race, when and why, and how much manipulating they have done to create us to be the way we are" etc.

Somebody- a responsible alien race or group of races, did something to our DNA very early in our basic development (think amoeba) which hastened a process of that time. What it did, did not change what we would be, it just made a particularly long stretch more free to move along. We did not skip any steps because of it, and we still continued to develop and evolve on our own. (I don't know what scientists here say about it.)

4) Jack and I asked this question too, and they wouldn't tell us who did it. I agree with you for the same reasons you are thinking of.  


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