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It happened 3 years ago (August 7, 2010) and I still haven't figured out what I saw. I live south of Houston, TX. It was 2 AM and I was home alone watching the sky outside with my binoculars. One moment i thought I saw an airplane because from distance it did look like one, I kept looking at it with binoculars and soon realized I haven't seen anything like this before. It was very close to me and I saw it very clearly. It made no noise, it was a lot bigger than an average aircraft, shaped like a chevron. All its bottom was filled with lights that were in honeycomb pattern,they werent blinding but they were bright like car lights, they were all white, one twice as big and red in the middle. None of the lights were blinking and Id say there were hundreds of them. It had no tail. It was flying as fast as a slow airplane but then it just vanished, sky was all clear that night so i dont think it could have flown inside a cloud. I tried to look for it but it wasn't there anymore. I have tried to look from internet anything similar to it but no aircraft, bomber or UFO has looked similar to what I saw (especially because of all these lights). I'm female, 27 back then and was absolutely alert.
Do you have any idea what was it?

This is definately what would be referred to as a UFO, nonetheless.  However, due to your description of the lights, I would certainly categorize this as a military fabrication of the typical checvron style UFOs.  Lighting pattern is far too heavy and the colors are not consistent with unearthly UFOs (which normally consist of amber orbs of light rather than red ...but will not consist of so much white light).  The idea that this would also be a military craft is due to it's location as well.  I used to live in southern texas (near McAllen) and am familiar with sightings of this description.

This is the best I can do as far as identifying it.  A photo would make me more certain of my decision but I know how difficult that would have been.

IF this identification is correct, what you sighted was clearly a highly classified craft known as a boomerang UFO (not an official name).

Your description best fits that of The Hudson Valley Boomerang Sightings of Connecticut (1982 and 1995)  


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